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USA  : + 1   (321)  251   6559

Team Commitment

At eRevMax we value the relationships we build with our customers and partners and the wider industry. Our Support Centre teams are committed to addressing all your requests promptly and always providing you with the best service.

Our Service and Account Managers as well as Customer Support teams offer the following services –

  • New account set-up
  • Product training
  • Multi-lingual account management services
  • Technical support, including product and channel trouble-shooting
  • Integration of new channels
  • New product or service upgrades
  • Consultancy services, to help maximize your product usage

We will ensure that your concerns are dealt with in a timely manner and you are put directly in touch with professional, qualified product members who understand our applications and services thoroughly.

eRevMax guarantees 98% service uptime of its systems. Our Support teams work continuously to provide you 24/7 support and commits to:

  • Responsiveness: We will reply to every communication within 2 - 4 business hours
  • Effective Issue Resolution: We will resolve product issues within 1 – 2 business days, depending on the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • New Service Request: We will configure your new service request within 3 – 10 business days, depending on the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Ownership: We will assume ownership of your issues and work towards a satisfactory solution
  • Feedback: We will listen to your feedback and action upon it
  • Integrity: We will always conduct business professionally and ethically
  • Communication: We will always conduct timely and coherent communication

We strive to continually provide you with the best service. If you have any comments or questions, suggestions for improvements or experiences you would like to share, please write to us at support email or through our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

While bringing tailor-made features for you, we constantly endeavor to improve RateTiger's performance helping you to further 'Save Time Make Money'. We look forward to serving you.