Tiger’s Supremacy Evokes Fear!

Someone has fallen prey to the Tiger’s stealth, with their recent attempt to rattle the Tiger’s cage falling flat. Our Tiger’s growl is enough to scare them away!

The Tiger is indigenous to the global hospitality jungle and is considered the king by one and all. In a poll conducted by Animal Planet, the largest of the big cats was voted the world’s favorite animal. 

It’s fierce and commanding rate attention ensures weaker predators are kept at bay. Smart hoteliers know that premium products deliver the right results. You cannot be cheap in offering Rate Parity as it is only one of many parameters. 

The Tiger takes a noble and discerning approach to help his streak of hotel cubs maximize revenues in the growing e-marketplace. 

This Tiger is your weapon to guest booking survival.

NBTA International Convention & Exposition 2010

Earlier this month, I was in Houston to attend the International Convention organized by the National Business Travel Association, the leading Association for the corporate travel community. The event included a full schedule of educational seminars as well as an exhibition floor for travel buyers & sellers to interact.

I was excited to see a gathering of over 6000 attendees from all sectors of the corporate travel vertical including corporate travel executives, airlines, hotel groups, transportation companies, corporate travel management companies, meeting planners and technology companies.

The convention began with the announcement of NBTA’s plan to aggressively pursue a more global approach and its rechristening to Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). This was followed by educational sessions covering various aspects of corporate travel.

Key speakers focused on the recovery of the industry over the past 3 quarters with an expected increase in rates for 2011. One of the main topics of conversation was the increase in unbundled fees in the airline industry and the possible implementation of these in the hotel industry to give hotels the opportunity to increase revenues.

I found NBTA Convention to be the perfect platform to introduce RateTiger’s real-time hotel rate benchmarking tool – RTCorp to the corporate travel managers. The corporate travel industry is at a point where corporates need to be able to benchmark their contracted rates so that they can obtain the best possible rates for their companies.

Traditionally corporate travel managers used to contract their hotels once a year for the year. However with the advent of hotel yield management, hotel rates are changing consistently, sometimes on a daily or even hourly basis. RTCorp gives travel managers the opportunity to evaluate their contracted rates against the OTA lowest published rates and provides them with the reports necessary to approach and re-contract their hotels.

Our presence at NBTA helped educate the travel managers as to the value of benchmarking their contracted rates against the OTA rates. Our direct meetings generated a lot of interest amongst the attendees and we found corporate travel managers understanding the need for a benchmarking tool to help them negotiate with their travel suppliers harder and get a better and open deal.

Overall it was a great experience and kudos to NBTA for putting together a very well organized and meaningful event. I look forward to attending the next convention but with a different name – the GBTA International Convention 2011 😉

Mark Neter is International Sales Manager at eRevMax. He is based out of US and can be reached at markn@ratetiger.com

eRevMax receives ISO recertification

After the recent ISO audits, eRevMax has been recertified ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for the quality of our Information Security Management System (ISMS) that ensures the product portfolio is compliant with international and local security best practices. The initial certification was completed in 2007. 

Stage I and II Pre-assessment Audits were performed by DNV. Following thorough reviews, DNV recommended eRevMax for re-certification in August 2010.

The eRevMax Kolkata office was fully examined during the process. The office was abuzz with activity during the audit days everyone curious to find out how other departments performed. It was important all the departments maintained conclusive records and adhered to all rules and requirements. The auditors were impressed with our awareness level and happy to recommend eRevMax.

The Information Security Management System has assured our systems are fully robust and effective providing our customers with ultimate data security.

Rajib Roy is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Sr. Manager – Administration at eRevMax. He is based out of Kolkata, India and can be reached at rajibr@erevmax.com

eRevMax’s Monsoon Party in Kolkata

eRevMaxians in Kolkata had a fun filled day on the last day of July when we all went to Wet o’ Wild, Kolkata’s water park, to celebrate Monsoon. What better way to enjoy the season then getting drenched in a wave pool with family and colleagues!

The most popular water game proved to be handball; we split ourselves into teams and held a series of matches. With the DJ belting out popular dance numbers, it was a perfect scenario for a day out in the water. 

There were various water rides and a huge waterfall, since we were such a large group the park looked like we had booked all of it. After all the rides, water games, splashing, diving, and some rain dance as well, we changed for the evening party and assembled in a small banquet for more games, this time dry. 

Post-refreshments we hosted a series of party games including the old favorite musical chairs, dumb charades, dancing and talent contest. There were prizes for all and the kids had an awesome day. Check out some pictures to see us in action.

Sujay Ghosh is Sr. Content Writer at eRevMax and is based out of Kolkata. He can be reached at sujayg@erevmax.com