eRevMax’s Monsoon Party in Kolkata

eRevMaxians in Kolkata had a fun filled day on the last day of July when we all went to Wet o’ Wild, Kolkata’s water park, to celebrate Monsoon. What better way to enjoy the season then getting drenched in a wave pool with family and colleagues!

The most popular water game proved to be handball; we split ourselves into teams and held a series of matches. With the DJ belting out popular dance numbers, it was a perfect scenario for a day out in the water. 

There were various water rides and a huge waterfall, since we were such a large group the park looked like we had booked all of it. After all the rides, water games, splashing, diving, and some rain dance as well, we changed for the evening party and assembled in a small banquet for more games, this time dry. 

Post-refreshments we hosted a series of party games including the old favorite musical chairs, dumb charades, dancing and talent contest. There were prizes for all and the kids had an awesome day. Check out some pictures to see us in action.

Sujay Ghosh is Sr. Content Writer at eRevMax and is based out of Kolkata. He can be reached at

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