Annual Cricket Tournament, December 2010

eRevMax Kolkata played a great game of cricket on 18 December 2010 when they organized the annual Cricket Tournament at the Sports Authority of India grounds. From the start the four competing teams were fizzing and itching to go, ready to battle it out.

The knock out matches were a treat to watch as each team gave its best to reach the finals. eRevMaxians are known for their passion for the game, however on this day, all teams knew that they will have to let their cricket do the talking.

The four teams under the able guidance of Briti S Biswas, Mahendra P Sharma, Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Surajit Kar put up great performances and after some thrilling matches, Sabyasachi & team lifted the trophy with a one-run win over Mahendra & team who finished second. At the award giving ceremony, the winners and runners-up were presented with beautiful trophies while all participants were given participation medals.

After a grand cricket day and irrespective of the game winners, it was the sportsmanship spirit and team bonding of eRevMaxians that emerged as the ultimate winners. I look forward to next year edition of this annual event.

Satish Rudraraju
Test Engineer, Kolkata

Sales and Marketing Online, November 2010

The Sales and Marketing Online was a one-day conference in Warsaw, Poland organized on 16th November 2010. With various sessions focused on online distribution, there were speakers from across the industry including the likes of Daniel Łukaszewicz – HOOBI, Alexander Ryll – Avvio, Jakob Riegger – TrustYou, Brendan May – IdeaS as well as Keith Povah – RateTiger.

RateTiger was invited to present in the Plenum session on “Channel Management” and the presentation title was How does online distribution help improve Yield Management strategies”. Keith gave interesting examples on how our client hoteliers have leveraged online channel management strategies to increase occupancy and revenue.  The presentation by Brendan from Ideas was also very well received and he mentioned how their partnership with RateTiger brings added value to hoteliers.

Over 55 delegates comprising hotel owners, Revenue Managers, Managing Directors and Sales Managers attended the event. The delegates received us very well due to the relevant content of our presentation. We were also invited to conduct a workshop on RTSuite products which was a great success.

The organizers Concept Media conducted a survey and found that 26 hotels out of 55 attending hoteliers wanted to learn more about RTSuite products and RateTiger. Overall it was a great event which provided us with good networking opportunity especially with small to medium sized groups.

Aldona Kaczmarczyk
Sales Manager, Poland

NASSCOM Product Conclave, November 2010

The NASSCOM Product Conclave held annually in Bangalore is a confluence of innovative minds and entrepreneurial spirit of the Indian Products Ecosystem. This year, the focus was on “Scaling New Heights – From cloud adoption to lean startup models” and the Conclave took place from 10 -11 November 2010 at Hotel Lalit Ashok.

Among various sessions that formed a part of this conclave, I found Cloud computing – Transformation to the cloud, Building products for Billion Indians, The New Internet: An Economy of Scale and partnership and Product companies’ problem and solution, to be particularly interesting.

I gathered of lot of information and this knowledge would be of immense help to me going forward. Some of my key take-aways include a clearer understanding on various concepts like entrepreneurship, people management as well as virtualization and cloud computing.

Further the event turned out to be a good networking platform and I got an opportunity to meet many like-minded people including some industry colleagues. The interaction with some of the speakers was also very encouraging and I look forward to attending more of such events in the future.

I cannot complete this post without mentioning NASSCOM who did a fantastic job of organizing, coordinating and executing this whole event so efficiently and professionally.

C. Dharmaraj
Chief Architect, Bangalore