Sailing to the Utopia – with young minds

The last few months have been exciting times for the eRevMax CSR team. Lot of activities and engagement have motivated the kids and us and brought out new facets in our persona.
eRevMax tied up with Hypokrites, a renowned Kolkata based theatrical group, to groom the children to present a play at ‘Porjas’ – an annual play festival. January saw exhaustive preparations with members from eRevMax and Hypokrites involved with moulding the children and making them stage-ready.

Beginning of February saw the participant children delivering a beautiful and fun play titled “Ghoom Ghoom Class Room”  showcasing children sleeping in a classroom dreaming about their aspirations and then waking up to harsh realities of life. I played the role of a school teacher who motivates the children to pursue their dreams with fervor – this fills them with determination to achieve their goals in life. The play ends on a happy note showing their dedication and pursuit of excellence in their chosen fields.

The idea of the whole exercise was to groom the children, expose them to performing arts while at the same time inspiring them to dream and continue to believe ‘I Can’.

Further we also conducted a drawing competition for the children this month and were pleasantly surprised by their creativity. Here are the winning three drawings showcasing daily life in a village setting – 

These activities have definitely added more depth to my thought process and a new dimension to my life. It’s an enriching experience working with these children, sharing their dreams and encouraging them to attain those dreams.
I invite all of you to join our CSR initiative and bring a difference – in our own way!

Ranadeep Mitra is a Project Coordinator at eRevMax and works closely with the Integration teams to help coordinate ongoing projects. Ranadeep can be reached at

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