Hotels generate $2.1 billion worth of online bookings with eRevMax

Yes. You read this correct. Last year hotels across the globe generated over $2.1 billion online revenue using eRevMax solutions. This is an increase of over 11% in reservation revenue as compared to the previous year.
Hoteliers continue to increase online bookings through eRevMax platforms leveraging its seamless connectivity with over 300 global and regional OTAs and partners.
eRevMax published these figures based on the revenue generated by hotel clients using its reservation delivery services through RateTiger, RTConnect and LIVE OS solutions. The company also processed 464 million ARI requests in 2016 initiated by clients on its robust and stable systems.
eRevMax continues to build upon its already strong channel partner base to offer sophisticated real-time revenue opportunities to the hospitality industry. This includes solutions for the independent market, the mid-market and scaling up through the large, global hotel groups. eRevMax’s Channel Ecosystem facilitates quality, certified connectivity and relationship management services to support complex revenue generation strategies.
See full story at eRevMax website.

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