How to Boost Hotel’s Repeat Business – 6 Steps to Follow

This blog elucidates the 6 hacks that can help hotel owners to build and cement a strong guest-host relationship. Read on to find out more!

Hotel businesses can be intriguing and filled with challenges – whether in good or bad times. When there is low occupancy, you need to pamper your guests well, so that they come back again and you can get more customers. When your hotel is filled choc-a-block, you need to ensure that the requirements and requests of each guest is taken care of. Here are 6 steps to help you boost the repeat business of your hotel.

Offer airport pick-up at night to -female guests

If you have female guests coming to your hotel for the first time, you can make the journey safer for them by offering airport pick-up at night. This can be especially useful if they are not familiar with the city, and are coming in for the first time. Direct airport to hotel transfer during the night can be very useful for them.

Focus on add-ons

Additional services and extras can make a big difference. You can focus on their needs for relaxation, such as a selection of coffee and tea and various other refreshments, and also famous books and magazines. Keep devices like powerful dryers, curlers and hair straighteners, and other useful items such as nail polish remover, nail polish, makeup, exercise / meditation mat and more.

Offer luxurious items

Try to offer items of luxury that can make your guests feel as if they are given a royalty or celeb treatment. The luxurious stuffs can include duvets, sheets, bedding, night table, full-length mirror etc. along with aromatic towels, bathrobes, branded toileteries and more. These things can serve to heighten your guest experience without you spending a lot of money.

Pay attention to details

Train your staffs to take care of even the smallest details, such as dietary preferences – and having gluten-free and vegan options, knowing about food allergies of guests and more. All these can make your guests feel more relaxed.

Have a manned 24/7 front desk

Implement various security measures, including having a manned 24-hour front desk – so that guests can always connect to someone for anything they might need during their stay.

Have Women-only floors

This can make female travelers rest easy, and ensure repeat business from female customers for your hotel.

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