The Week, That Was – June 2019 Week 1

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How Can Metasearch Tools Make Hotel Operations More Powerful?

Metasearch has become an increasingly crucial and complex channel for hotels. According to a recent study published by our partner Fornova in association with Eye For Travel, 73% of travelers regularly compare hotels, making it an important channel for hoteliers to reach their customer at every touchpoint.

How Airbnb threatens to disrupt traditional hotel pricing strategies

Since the introduction of sharing-economy services such as Airbnb, hotels have struggled with how to compete against the alternative accommodations market. The study, called Competitive Dynamics in the Sharing Economy: An Analysis in the Context of Airbnb and Hotels took into account market conditions, seasonal patterns, hotel pricing and quality, consumer makeup and Airbnb supply, as well as Airbnb’s strategy toward business travelers, government regulations on Airbnb and changes in hosting costs, to arrive at four key findings.

What hoteliers should be asking of their PMS provider

The process of selecting a new property-management system is very involved—hoteliers should engage in plenty of due diligence and develop critical questions that should be answered ahead of time, including what their PMS provider will do to help ensure the hotel’s success during this often-stressful transition.

Why simply managing your hotel reviews is no longer enough for reputation management companies

Most online reputation management companies aren’t doing enough to provide comprehensive solutions that work together for the main goal of easing pressure for the end-user, the hotelier.

eRevMax publishes market study on ‘The State of Hotel Online Distribution in Middle East’

Check out key challenges that Middle East Hotels are facing with their online distribution. Download Now – The State of Hotel Online Distribution in Middle East –

eBook: Reach and convert more business travelers

The corporate travel market segment is uniquely shaped by forces outside of the travel industry. Corporate bookings are driven by the standard question of rates and availability, but they also are shaped by individual business’ travel procedures and expensing requirements.

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Winning with travel tech in the age of the independent hotel

Not all that long ago independent hotels had no control over guest data or the customer experience but thanks to travel technology this is changing. According to Anthony Scotland, the best thing about working with independent hotels is the ability to experiment and pilot new technologies. “It’s like being in the lab with the properties,” he says.

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