The Week, That Was – January 2020 Week 4

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Infographic – Hotel Revenue Management Trends 2020

Revenue managers are now leveraging artificial intelligence to make smart pricing decisions. Check out our latest Hotel Revenue Management Infographic – discover key trends that can help shape hotel revenue strategies in 2020 –

4 tips for better hotel sales and marketing

The world of hospitality sales and marketing is always evolving, and selling to customers requires a good PR message, collaboration among teams and creating loyalty experiences for high-tier members. During three different sessions at the 2020 HSMAI Marketing Strategy Conference, speakers gave their advice on how to succeed in different disciplines in the sales-and-marketing space. launches global rating system for non-hotel accommodation has developed what it claims to be the world’s first rating system for alternative non-hotel accommodation. The world-leading booking platform says it wants to see the classification system become globally accepted, like star ratings for hotels.

Get ready for an even stronger Google in 2020

Brands need to monitor and respond to reviews to improve their online experience because customers will vote with their search behavior. And Google continues to influence search behavior.Here’s what happening in the coming year:

2020 Airbnb Update

Airbnb is powered by our community. As co-founder, CEO and Head of Community Brian Chesky has said, we are committed to serving all stakeholders in the Airbnb community. Indeed, we believe that our success depends on a series of shared commitments that balance the interests of our stakeholders.

 KAYAK Launches “Trip Builder”, Making it Easier to Plan Multi-City Travel

KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine, is testing a new product feature that makes planning your next multi-city trip even easier. A helpful tool designed for anyone traveling to more than one destination, the new feature calculates the cheapest routes between multiple cities for the biggest savings.

Consumer Report: Nearly Half Of Travelers Book Through 3rd Parties

As consumer demands for personalized service and competition for consumers’ attention continue to increase, travel and hospitality brands are challenged to stay ahead. To help marketers succeed, Yes Marketing surveyed more than 1,000 travelers on their priorities as they progress along their journey with travel and hospitality companies, from the first time they hear about a brand, to becoming a loyal customer.


Gone are the days when RevPAR and occupancy was enough. Today’s growth and profitability are driven by channel mix, customer acquisition costs, consumer review scores, length of stay trends, loyalty programs, and leveraging the booking curve.

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