The Week, That Was – July 2020 Week 2

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How to master the new normal in travel

When restrictions lift, many of us will hesitate before booking a flight and travel for business may never recover. Demand for flights and accommodation will drop. Travel will become more expensive, less convenient and less frequent. introduces safety feature for accommodation partners

The new feature will allow accommodation partners to select different health and safety measures they are taking in areas such as hygiene, sanitisation, social distancing, and food safety among others.

WinqBid, NexusTours and Travelcircus join the eRevMax Channel Ecosystem

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Expedia’s Melissa Maher talks recovery in travel, partnership with hotels

The company has a large recovery plan in place after carrying out research with 10,000 hotel partners, asking them what they want to see from a recovery standpoint, and built a whole program around that.

CitizenM’s guest app facilitates contactless travel

The launch of its guest-facing app, which has been in development for years, has helped the group to create a contactless experience amid the pandemic.

Digital tools help answer hotel guests’ post-COVID questions

Guest behavior is changing rapidly in response to COVID-19. Fortunately, digital tools help us understand and respond to those changes in real time.

How hoteliers should handle data privacy in a pandemic

The hospitality industry has been collecting guests’ and employees’ personal information for years now, but as hoteliers consider collecting health information, they need to know how to do it properly.

France Tourism: Inside the $20 billion fight to save a battered industry

As the pandemic recedes in much of Europe, the country that loves to boast about being the most visited nation is serving as a microcosm for how the tourism industry hopes to recover and reinvent itself.

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