The Week, That Was – Oct 2020 Week 5

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Travel advisers: A secret weapon during Covid-19

In the wake of Covid-19, travelers are relying more and more on agents to have the insider knowledge on hotels, border openings and quarantine rules, as well as protecting their payments on future trips if they need to be canceled or postponed.

As tourism dries up, European countries moving to use Airbnb rentals for long-term use by citizens

Now that the pandemic has all but cut off the steady flow of visitors, many European cities are seizing an opportunity to push short-term rentals back onto the long-term housing market. Governments enacting or planning new laws to curb explosive growth of rentals aimed largely at tourists.

Amex GBT adds sustainability badges for hotels in its Neo booking tool

Clients now can configure the tool to display hotel options with the badge, which signifies that a hotel meet certain environmental standards.

Hotel metasearch opts for commission-based model

As many hotel marketers slowly increasing their ad spending again, commission-based models for charging for ads grow in popularity as the recovery blossoms.

eRevMax partner Hotelbeds launching new initiative to promote sustainable accommodation within its hotel portfolio

The company now has over 15,000 properties within its portfolio certified as sustainable and easily identifiable to the more than 60,000 travel trade client partners.

Holiday bookings down this year, but rates are rising

In lieu of less people traveling this season, rates have already begun to rise and people are opting for longer lengths of stay.

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