Latest news for the hospitality industry – W1, December 2021

The hotel sales channels that are being used should be evaluated regularly and pricing strategies should be adjusted to the existing market conditions. Read the latest blog in 1st news piece from RateTiger and know the common mistakes hotel management makes.

As the global hotel industry continues on a path of recovery, hoteliers are adapting each day to streamline operations while maintaining an adequate level of service.

The European Union recommended that member states review essential travel restrictions on a daily basis and coordinate their actions in response to the omicron variant.

Expedia releases its 2022 Travel Trends Report revealing that travelers are shaking up the status quo with new priorities next year.

Tourists are eager to take trips and splurge on vacations after amassing significant levels of personal savings following months of being lockdown.

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5 Most Common Hotel Distribution Management Mistakes

Proper hotel revenue management involves using distribution strategies and sales channels to the maximum potential. To be able to do this, it is important to use technology solutions that are synchronized properly as well as check offerings from competitors and maintain the best possible customer relationship.

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How hotel operators deal with today’s pain points

Hotels are adapting each day to streamline operations while maintaining an adequate level of service and attracting and retaining the talent to deliver that guest satisfaction.

EU to propose daily review of travel rules

The approach would counter the divergent response so far from European governments when it comes to travel rules and the omicron variant.

Expedia: Where U.S. travelers are heading in 2022

Domestic travel, particularly to warm-weather beach destinations, remains a top choice for Americans, with 59% of U.S. survey respondents planning domestic-only trips for 2022.

Why hotels are focused on all-inclusive resorts

Travelers are willing to pay a premium for convenience, enhanced health and safety measures, and an overall complete vacation experience.

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