Latest News from Hospitality Industry – W4, May 2022

Here is your weekly industry news round-up. Check out the short snippets here and follow below for more details.

Look at the key takeaways for Asia Pacific (APAC) travelers based on Expedia Group data and research from Q1 2022.

Know the three things that guests will be looking for from their hotel stays in 2022.

Check out the growing trend among small hotel companies to give a fresh twist to Independent Hotels.

The World Economic Forum’s latest Travel & Tourism Development Index highlights many of these aspects, including the opportunity and need to rebuild the travel and tourism sector for the better by making it more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient.

Google Analytics 4 (or GA4) is the next evolution of Google’s popular web analytics service. It will provide better understanding when a guest researches your hotel on mobile but books on desktop.

The recent barrage of cancelled flights has young people turning to old-school travel agents for the first time.

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Enjoy the read!

Expedia’s key trends for Asia Pacific travelers

Travel is returning slowly and steadily, now that the public perception of the pandemic has shifted and travelers are eager to travel again.

RateTiger – Three things guests are looking for from their hotel accommodation in 2022

Now, with the world opening its doors to travelers once again, what are guests demanding from hotels as we collectively contend with the lasting impacts of the pandemic?

A fresh twist for independent hotels

There’s a growing movement among small hotel companies to band together with like-minded independent hotels and offer deals directly to travelers.

World Economic Forum: How tourism will change and grow

The World Economic Forum asked four business leaders in the sector to reflect on the state of its recovery, lessons learned from the pandemic, and the conditions that are critical for the future success.

A hotelier’s guide to Google Analytics 4

Used effectively it will help you capture first-party data, which is even more valuable now that third-party data is becoming increasingly scarce. Benefit of this new approach is that it should allow better analysis of cross-platform performance. For example, providing better understanding when a guest researches your hotel on mobile but books on desktop.

Why young people are using old school travel agents to plan their vacations

The post-pandemic web of flight cancelations, bureaucratic COVID testing requirements and a jaw-dropping surge in hotel rates and airline tickets has renewed the need for an in-the-know agent.


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