Latest News from Hospitality Industry – W3, June 2022

Here is your weekly industry news round-up. Check out the short snippets here and follow below for more details.

  • With so much to experience and considering the zeal among people, the demand for hotel room bookings in Middle East is expected to take a super high jump this year. But, the question is: “Are the hoteliers of the region ready to welcome guests from all around the world?” Check out the first news below to understand how hotels are preparing themselves to welcome this revenue.
  • Despite high inflation, a softening economy, and fears of recession, the hotel industry is not seeing any slowdown. Hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, the hotel industry has bounced back alongside the larger travel industry thanks to pent up demand, delayed trips and increased consumer savings.
  • Hoteliers speaking on a panel at the 2022 NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference said the remainder of this year is all about operating hotels in ways that reflect how guests are traveling differently now while still commanding high rates and working with leaner staffs.
  • Due to flexible work styles, Travel Edge Network has noted an increase in interest for workcations and bleisure trips by over 25% compared to recent year.
  • CEOs on how the future of the hotel industry is shaping up as travel returns to more “normal” levels, despite some pandemic-era issues still lurking in the background.
  • With pent up demand at an all-time high, holiday-makers are excitedly planning and booking that special trip away. It might have been a while since your hotel website has been generating this level of activity so it’s key that you are taking all of the right steps to capitalize on this resurgence.

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Revenue Management in the time of Mega Events: A Checklist for Middle East Hoteliers

2022 has been a year of mega events for the Middle East. From sporting championships to international expo, the region is hosting some of the biggest events in the world and the hospitality industry is banking on that for full recovery. Are the Middle East Hoteliers Ready to Face the Rush?

Major hotel brands see room for further rate increases

Two things are keeping demand high: the leisure consumer’s more than $2.5 trillion in incremental savings, and strong corporate balance sheets paired with “very good” profitability.

Hoteliers adjust operations to balance new travel behaviors with leaner staffs

As life and work patterns change as a result of the pandemic, so, too, have travel behaviors, and hoteliers are shifting their operations to reflect these new travel trends.

Bleisure travel rapidly increasing at hotels and resorts

To meet the demand of both bleisure and family travelers, hotels are introducing new room types focused on longer stays.

Hotel CEOs on how the industry is shaping up

The CEOs of five of the world’s major hotel chains gathered last week in New York to share their thoughts on the state of the industry.

Enter the summer season on your hotel website

Quick win tactics that will help you step up your direct channel performance for summer travelers.

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