eRevMax Christmas Party in London

The eRevMax UK team took time out on Thursday 13th December to get together for an afternoon lunch at an Argentine restaurant. The EMEA sales team descended on the London office, armed with Secret Santa gifts and their best festive spirits. 
The team ate as much meat as they could before simply crossing the road in London Soho for a traditional English pub, where we spent the evening exchanging gifts, and stories fueled by great beer (and for some whiskey). 
We spent most of the evening on our feet dancing to an eclectic mix of music ranging from pop, to rock, and classic Christmas records chosen by our own Caroline Faries who pestered the DJ until he gave in and rammed up the volume to drown out our singing. 

Here is our message for everyone this Christmas –

Ryan C Haynes is VP – Marketing Communications at eRevMax. He presented ‘The Distribution Challenge’ research findings during ‘The 3 Ps of Hotel Sales’ session. Ryan is based out of London and can be reached at