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Partner Programme

At eRevMax, we value the business relationships we build with other companies, key sales partners, our customers, and the wider industry. Our Customer Service, Sales and Marketing teams continuously work to better the provision of information, support and connections available to our product users.

The Partner Programme is open to any organization and establishment in the hotel and travel technology industry to further the evolution of channel and distribution management to take it to the next stage.

For more information and to find out how you can become part of, and use, the RateTiger Partner Programme, please contact  email

What type of organizations work with us? What does the programme includes? Examples of what we have done

Partner Testimonials

"Focusing on high quality reservation services, provides flexible options for both customers and hoteliers. Connection to such a strong channel manager as RateTiger will definitely make working easier for our existing hotel partners and bring new partnership opportunities for This collaboration will spread our hotel base and give a greater variety of choices for our guests."

- Anna Mosiychuk, Partner Account Manager,, Europe


"Our product development is driven by our customers' business needs. Our chain CRS customers like Golden Tulip had a need for a channel management-enhanced next generation CRS, so we sought out RateTiger, the industry leader. Integrating the industry's top solutions for reservations and channel management from the market leaders gives Golden Tulip, our first ExtraConnect customer, an unrivaled edge. This innovation is a hallmark of the Pegasus brand, which has been driving our industry's technological change and development for years."

- Mike Kistner, CEO, Pegasus Solutions, USA


"Publishing discounted rates online merely contributes to lower average rates and lost revenues. Travelsurf is the new, exciting, game changer technology that enables hotels sell-off those empty rooms yet maintain high yields on all channels. Direct connectivity with the hotel’s real-time inventories via RateTiger’s channel manager substantially reduces the work load at the hotel’s end.”

- Jim Burney, CEO, Travelsurf Pvt Ltd, India


"Creating seamless integration programmes to manage online sales activity has become essential - especially for the travel industry. Hoteliers are already struggling with the increased number of channels available through the internet. Connect now means we can provide a more time-efficient and simple service with our technology."

- Jimmy Apostolis, COO, ONETECH Solution, USA


"This new interface with Connect's Rate shopping functionality allows hotels to generate additional revenue from online travel portals and to automate the process flow between points of sale and the hotel systems. Rate shopping connectivity contributes to traditional integrated revenue management functions and thus allows hoteliers to make better decisions."

- Peter Agel, Vice President Distribution Logistics, MICROS-Fidelio, Germany


"We are now offering a further distribution service to our property management customers. The increasing challenges from new travel booking channels and procedures are putting more demand on how hoteliers have to manage their properties and subsequently their distribution techniques. By integrating new technologies like Connect, we can help hotels remain flexible and remove the stress of seeking new systems to meet those revenue management requirements."

- Christoph Haack, Project Manger, Sihot – GUBSE, Germany


"Our integration with Connect has really helped us enhance our offering to hoteliers. This partnership now places us much ahead of our competitors as our hotel clients can access a wider customer-base without having to deal with multiple travel channels independently. RateTiger's technology ensures seamless data flow, provides efficiency and total control while tremendously reducing workload involved."

- Javier Silvestre, General Manager, Tradyso (Travel Dynamic Solution), Spain