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eRevMax becomes the first channel manager to complete interface with GTA

  • London, UK, 14 August 2013

Global wholesale travel provider GTA and eRevMax, the automated online distribution and channel management specialist, have established a two-way XML connection for rate, inventory and reservation distribution between properties on GTA’s booking systems and subscribers of eRevMax. Following its interface certification with RateTiger, GTA is now incorporated into eRevMax’s Channel Ecosystem.

Properties on GTA’s booking systems will benefit from eRevMax’s Reservation Delivery service, which facilitates automatic transfer of reservations data booked through GTA’s online sales channels directly to the hotel property management system (PMS). The hotels can also process rate and inventory updates through RateTiger’s XML interface transferring data in real-time helping them control pricing strategies and optimise revenue. eRevMax is the first channel manager to establish two-way connectivity with GTA.

“This powerful and seamless integration will significantly reduce time to update reservation data while ensuring customer data is entered accurately into the hotel system. The XML connectivity will result in more efficient rate distribution, enhanced rate optimisation and the streamlining of all connections. Hotels using the RateTiger channel management product suite and Connect enterprise platform can update a range of rates and numerous channels in one step, making them immediately available to customers of GTA."

said Greg Berman,

COO, eRevMax International

Part of the Kuoni group, GTA is a worldwide wholesale travel provider with properties sourced from tens of thousands of travel suppliers in nearly 190 countries. Booking sites – GTA retail, TravelCube, Travel Bound and Octopus Travel retail, as well as GTA wholesale – bring hotels over 21,000 bookings daily.

“Our partnership with eRevMax gives RateTiger’s subscribers an easy way to put their latest rates and availability in front of tens of thousands of travel-selling clients around the world. Hotels rely on RateTiger to make it easier for them to work with a wide range of distributors like ourselves to manage rates and allotments and to present the most enticing offer to potential travellers. Now, with our new Supplier XML API, we are making it even easier for RateTiger to connect to our systems, helping hotels benefit from our extraordinary reach. It means every hotel – whatever their size or budgets – can reach, market and sell to new and existing consumers."

said Martin Jones,

Senior Vice President for Global Sourcing & Product Development, GTA

Based on dynamic pricing algorithms, eRevMax channel management solution helps hotels update price and inventory according to supply and demand changes across multiple sales channels.

About eRevMax:

eRevMax provides next generation online distribution & business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry. The company’s new offering – LIVE, a responsive web platform, incorporates the RateTiger and Connect products, thus offering detailed competitor intelligence, comprehensive business performance analytics and reliable channel management capability through secure XML connections. Incorporated in 2001, eRevMax helps over 20,000 hoteliers worldwide to increase revenue, streamline business processes and reduce booking acquisition cost.

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