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Skyware PMS interfaces with eRevMax for seamless online booking connectivity

  • Orlando, 21 August 2014

Completes two-way integration to expand rate and inventory distribution

eRevMax, the leading hotel online distribution technology provider has completed 2-way interface with Skyware Hospitality Solutions to offer automated channel management and reservation delivery to Skyware hotel customers across North America.

This integration will allow accommodation providers connected with Skyware PMS to distribute availability and pricing to the major third party booking sites from their property management system and receive reservations directly through eRevMax solutions including RateTiger & Connect. Rates and inventory will automatically be updated across all connected sales channels including the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), various Online Travel Agents (OTA), Meta-search channels (MSC) and other e-commerce sites.

Skyware property management system ( provides a scalable and reliable solution for all types and sizes of hotels and enterprise organizations, especially independents and boutiques. The partnership between the two leading hospitality software specialists will help hotels streamline their sales by using only one integrated platform for seamless distribution management. connectivity.

“As Skyware Hospitality Solutions grows and matures in the hospitality industry, we are always looking for organizations that provide a technical advantage to our customer base. eRevMax’s, RateTiger is a great example of this. They provide a flexible solution with multiple channels and easy to use software. Their pricing model fits well within our customers' price point,"

said Bob Palloni,

Chief Operations Officer, Skyware Hospitality Solutions

“Our interface with Skyware PMS eliminates the need for accommodation providers to maintain online inventory manually across each booking website and the need to manually re-enter online reservations from booking websites into the PMS. A greater number of hotels can now leverage the benefits of our Channel Ecosystem while streamlining their distribution efforts. The secure XML connection ensures live rate and inventory updates as well as booking data retrieval, thereby keeping the hotel PMS updated at all times,"

said Greg Berman,

Chief Operations Officer - eRevMax

eRevMax is developing its connectivity solutions to offer sophisticated real-time revenue management functionality to the hospitality industry. This includes solutions for the independent market and scaling up through the Tier One enterprise hotel groups. eRevMax's Channel Ecosystem facilitates quality certified connectivity and relationship management services to support complex revenue generation strategies.

About Skyware:

Skyware Hospitality Solutions, serving the hospitality industry with its 24/7 service and state-of-the-art technology, is widely recognized for providing hotels, resorts, and management companies with flexible software solutions. Based in Frederick, MD, with a network of offices worldwide, Skyware is a leader with advanced software tools for hotel owners and operators who need to manage their business in a real time environment for efficient operational control and profitability.

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About eRevMax:

eRevMax provides next generation online distribution & business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry. The company’s new offering – LIVE, a responsive web platform, incorporates the RateTiger and Connect products, thus offering detailed competitor intelligence, comprehensive business performance analytics and reliable channel management capability through secure XML connections. Incorporated in 2001, eRevMax helps over 20,000 hoteliers worldwide to increase revenue, streamline business processes and reduce booking acquisition cost.

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