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Australian Hotels Gain Easy, Direct & Complete Connections to Global Sales Channels

Sydney, Australia - 13 July 2011

SimpleDistribution Presents The First Single Access Point Room Sales Management System

Australian hoteliers can now improve the management of online bookings and better target global travel markets with the arrival of integrated rate shopping, channel management and hotel and flight booking engine provider SimpleDistribution.

SimpleDistribution will remove the complexities of selling online and enhance visibility, exposure and revenue from the Internet. Before processing rate and availability updates, hotels can price shop theirs and competitors' rates to assess optimal product prices for excellent positions across Online Travel Agents. The web-based channel manager simultaneously and in real-time updates the hotel's selected multiple sales channels and roomtypes with rates, restrictions and room availability.

The booking engine for flight, hotel rooms and ancillary products (e.g. airport transfers, tours or destination activities like golf) is an integral part of the channel manager and can be updated at the same time as all other channels, making SimpleDistribution a true one screen, single access point room sales management system.

The solution is now available throughout Australia and New Zealand at an unbeatable annual subscription fee. Hotels using the channel manager will be able to connect to specialist and niche sites targeting USA and European travelers while taking advantage of new sales opportunities with Facebook, eBay and the GDS.

Hoteliers selling to a myriad of online sales websites will be better able to optimize revenue and bookings by using only the most relevant and productive sales channels. SimpleDistribution has the largest network of third party sales channels (700+) supporting popular, niche and specialist online travel agencies (OTA).

"SimpleDistribution is currently the only channel manager that can maintain all facets of online distribution including OTA's, tour operators, hotel websites, and social media to online advertising. Connecting to all those channels in single one product supports the optimal overview and control of online booking demands. Increased rates of online bookings have created active consumers and smart travel buyers encouraging the hospitality industry to respond with a greater and a more intelligent online presence," said Keith Povah, Division President - SimpleDistribution. "Australia and New Zealand's constantly maturing hospitality market will allow SimpleDistribution to further promote revenue opportunities available through online channel management technologies. New sales demands through social media, as well as the need to make processes more efficient make SimpleDistribution a much-needed product for hotels."

SimpleDistribution is owned by global software house eRevMax and will be sold through local business, Hotel Representation Australia.

"Hoteliers in Australia and New Zealand need to up their game; technology savvy revenue managers have taken opportunities to better manage price and their sales channels, now all hoteliers can access a wider market," said Craig Davies, Managing Director, Hotel Representation Australia. "SimpleDistribution is the ideal tool, it's simple, very affordable and easy to use which means hoteliers can start instantly. We've also seen considerable occupancy and revenue gains achieved by hoteliers when managing multiple channels through a single system."

eRevMax, who also owns the premium full service rate shopping and channel manager RateTiger, expanded to Asia in July 2010 and now has over 5,000 customers in 65 countries and 750 cities worldwide.

Channel Management Statistics:
27 Million channel updates processed in April 2011
9 = average number of websites updated per month per hotel
8 million price points monitored by hotels in April 2011

About eRevMax International:

eRevMax International is a pioneer in the field of online benchmarking and channel management for the hospitality industry. The company integrates directly with over 700 travel sites, CRS, PMS and RMS companies to provide hoteliers with ultimate revenue and distribution management tools.

RateTiger, by eRevMax, has become the industry's benchmark for rate shopping; revenue management and online channel management. Hoteliers save time and money running competitor price benchmarking reports and simplifies complex rate and availability updates across multiple online channels. RateTiger also offers premium reporting, distribution automation tools and OTA/XML connectivity.

eRevMax, founded in 2001,is now operating in over 65 countries and 750 cities. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with regional offices in Orlando, U.S., London, UK, a technical development centre in India as well as six sales offices in mainland Europe. eRevMax currently employs more than 170 people across the globe, rapidly expanding across the European, American and Asian markets.

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