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eRevMax completes integration with Mexican CRS - PMS provider

  • Mexico, 22 May 2019

Interface with Front2Go facilitates real-time data transfer between OTAs and hotel system

Hotel connectivity solution provider eRevMax has completed 2-way integration with Front2Go hotel management system. Mutual hotel customers can now leverage the interface to update rate and availability to third party online booking sites whenever they are updated in the hotel reservation system and receive reservations from OTAs.

Developed by Avance Sistemas, Front2Go is an upcoming property management system currently being used by over 200 hotels in the region. Front2Go dashboard allows property owners to manage front desk operations, rates and promotions, and customer loyalty data, consolidating the status of all hotel properties in one place. eRevMax’s distribution solutions are used by over 9000 hotels to update rate and availability across their booking channels and immediately update inventory whenever a booking is made.

"Front2Go is a new generation CRS-PMS software with presence in Mexico and Latin America. Through our new partnership with eRevMax, our mutual customers will benefit from the integrated connectivity to many booking sites provided by RateTiger channel manager. The availability and rates remain in sync with all online sales channels, while the reservations are received seamlessly into our CRS. This alliance will allow our customers to increase their online presence without the complexities of having to update data in several platforms."

Alfredo Malo

CIO, Avance Sistemas.

"Our interface with Front2Go provides our customers in the Americas another option to manage online channels cost-effectively without worrying about maintaining online inventory manually across each booking website. The secure XML connection eliminates the need for any manual intervention, allowing hotel managers to focus on key aspects like strategy and guest engagement."

Ashis Saha

SVP – Project Management, eRevMax.

eRevMax offers seamless connectivity with around 400 OTAs and 90 technology providers. The company is developing its connectivity solutions to offer sophisticated real-time revenue management functionality to the hospitality industry. This includes solutions across the board from independent boutique properties to hotel groups and chain. eRevMax's Channel Ecosystem facilitates quality certified connectivity and relationship management services to support complex revenue generation strategies.

About eRevMax

eRevMax is a travel technology company that assists hotels through channel management, rate intelligence and connectivity solutions. The company connects multiple online channels to the hotels’ PMSs to seamlessly deliver ARI updates and reservations. eRevMax is known for its stable solutions with 99.9% product uptime and provides 24x7 customer support. It works closely with around 400 channel and technology partners assisting over 9000 hotels worldwide to increase revenue opportunities and streamline business processes. It is the connectivity partner of choice for large hotel groups, mid-scale chains as well as independent properties in both luxury and budget segment worldwide providing solutions through its core product brands - RateTiger, LiveOS and AgentX101.

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About Avance Sistemas

Avance Sistemas is an information technology services company based in Mexico City, Mexico with distributed operations in Cancún Mexico and San Diego CA, USA. Avance specializes in the design and development of integrated systems that provide business solutions to improve decision-making and optimize company resources.

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