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LodgeGate implements RateTiger for seamless online booking connectivity

London, UK - 02 November 2011

RTConnect selected by Dutch PMS to expand rate and inventory distribution

Dutch-based company Hotels Online, provider of LodgeGate Hotel Management System (PMS), has selected RTConnect, the premium XML interface, for electronic rate and inventory distribution as well as reservations delivery.

RateTiger recently completed the 2-way XML connection integration with LodgeGate and its 150+ hoteliers are currently adopting the technology to better manage sales. Over 30 properties will soon be using the enhanced service and benefit from a two-way connection to their electronic distribution network. Customers of the PMS will be able to automatically maximize their online presence while avoiding over-booking through an easy-to-use interface.

LodgeGate's customers can now easily manage and update multiple sales channels including the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), various Online Travel Agents (OTA), e-commerce and social media. Rate and availability data already present in their PMS can now be shared automatically with RateTiger's RTChannelmanager. This will save time and provide opportunity to make additional money.

As part of the interface, hotels will also receive booking confirmations directly into their property management system, therefore sparing the effort of manual data entry.

"Real time OTA channel connection is one of the prominent features of LodgeGate functionality for last 6 years, so this integration is an exciting development for our hotel customers which provides significant growth in the number of connected channels. Together with RTConnect, LodgeGate will save hoteliers even more time now in order to make more money from their electronic sales channels," said Jan-Willem Moors, Manager Operations, Hotels Online - LodgeGate. "RTConnect is helping hotels gain that essential presence in the market to reach more consumers. Hotels often struggle to access the technology they need to manage these new demands; our partnership with RateTiger gives them premium technology at a price they can afford."

"LodgeGate hotels will now be in a better position to compete in their local markets by having access to a much wider sales distribution network," said Ragnar Strerath, Division President, RTConnect, RateTiger. "Independent hotel properties have the technology they need to maximize their time and resources while have a stable platform to manage more sophisticated sales strategies."

About LodgeGate:
LodgeGate PMS by Hotels Online

Hotels Online came up with a brand new solution for Property Management, LodgeGate PMS in 2004 designed to meet the constantly evolving requirements of the lodging and hospitality industry. Many years of continuous development and implementation of best practical experience from real hoteliers have resulted in outstanding user friendly hotel software, taking full advantage of all new IT technologies.

This web-based system combines SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery method and cloud computing enabling the hotel to use an affordable pay-per-result PMS. Our built-in channel distribution enables hoteliers to increase occupancy and easily manage yield and revenue strategies.

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About RateTiger:
RateTiger is a premium rate shopping and channel management solutions provider, a thought leader in online sales and revenue management. RateTiger's Product Suite, security certified under ISO 27001:2005, empowers and enables the travel and hospitality industry to compare rates with competitors on a real-time basis and update a wide variety of distribution channels and travel portals easily and efficiently with the largest online channel management network (750+) and XML connections (150+) available.

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