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eRevMax Launches Hotel & Channel Eco-System

London, 06 November 2012

Hotel Distribution Technology Specialist Advances Connection Environment for Online Channels and Hotel Brands

eRevMax International, owner of premium hotel channel management application RateTiger, has launched its Hotel & Channel Eco-Systems to support enhanced and sophisticated connectivity between global OTA’s, Tour Operators and Wholesalers (IDSs) and Hotel Brands’ PMS and CRS.

The Hotel and Channel Eco-Systems will allow both parties to create more relevant and meaningful business partnerships to enrich the online sales opportunities and streamline reservation management processes. The Hotel Eco-System will provide IDSs greater access to global hotel inventory that will help them improve their consumer offering and diversify the product portfolio. While the Channel Eco-System will help hotel brands identify key producers of room nights in key feeder markets and assist properties in their portfolios to acquire greater online distribution and sales.

The Eco-System utilizes a powerful XML gateway that enables hotel companies to connect seamlessly with distribution partners and system providers. Accor and NH Hotels have been utilizing eRevMax’s RTConnect to provide their geographically diverse portfolio with automated pricing and inventory updates and instantaneous reservation delivery between third party channels and their central reservation systems.

“We’re forming a stronger bond between demand and supply partners to help them build their business while supporting distribution with scalable connectivity technology,” said Greg Berman, COO, eRevMax International. “By focusing on both parties’ business objectives we can marry the two with better service and the relevant system solutions. Our XML gateway has undergone huge advancement during 2012 and we will be launching further solution initiatives in the coming months. Hotel brands require robust two-way connectivity and IDS will need to be part of this to benefit from increased supply.”

RTConnect can connect to PMS and CRS to deliver Reservation Data from IDS while updating the channels with live price and inventory information.

About eRevMax:
eRevMax International is a premier security certified global software and services house. It combines technology, knowledge and skills in connectivity, market intelligence, revenue and distribution management for the hospitality and travel industry. Incorporated in 2001 eRevMax caters to over 5000 customers in over 100 countries and 1800 cities worldwide with offices and R&D centers across continents. With a diverse product portfolio, eRevMax provides premium full service technology solutions and services across the hospitality and travel spectrum.

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