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Vincci Hotels partners with eRevMax for real-time price intelligence

  • Madrid, 11 November, 2014

22 properties of the group are using RateTiger Shopper optimizing rate strategy

Spanish hospitality chain Vincci Hotels has selected eRevMax to take benefit from real-time rate intelligence for optimizing its pricing strategy. 22 properties of the group are using RateTiger Shopper to monitor competitor rates and maintain rate parity across sales channels.

RateTiger Shopper helps properties to monitor trends in room rates over selected time periods and for up to 24 months in the future. The intelligent room rate business data also allows hotels to access past and current pricing data for accurate forecasting.

One of the highly prestigious hotel chains in EMEA hospitality space, Vincci Hotel Group manages 35 four and five-star leisure properties across Spain, Tunisia and Portugal. All VINCCI property subscribed to RateTiger Shopper will receive the rate data to make adjustments to the dynamics of the local market. The revenue management team will be able to compare rates and packages of its competitors, like-for-like, at both beds and room-type level while also being notified immediately of competitor rate changes through rate alerts.

“It’s important to ensure that our rates remain competitive in the market and to have the benefit of maintaining rate stability during high and low periods to increase the demand. RateTiger Shopper makes it possible for us to optimize our pricing strategy through effectively responding to the dynamic changes in the market and retain competitive position"


Director of Revenue Management and Online Distribution, Vincci Hotels

“Spain is one of the largest markets in Europe and we are happy to partner with such a big brand in hotel industry. The integrated rate shopping capabilities of RateTiger enables the Vincci team to shop competitor rates on multiple online channels and use this price intelligence to pro-actively respond to varying market conditions and adjust their rates accordingly. Furthermore, they can also monitor rate parity across various sales channels for all their properties easily and efficiently,”

said John Seaton,

VP Sales EMEA - eRevMax

RateTiger’s shopping data is in demand for the qualitative and real-time value it provides to hotels. The real-time nature of the data assists Vincci Hotels by maximising rate opportunity for each property in its distribution network allowing them to maintain their rate leadership value proposition.

About Vincci Hoteles:

Vincci Hoteles is a young Spanish hotel chain backed by the experience of the Calero family, which has been growing continuously both nationally and internationally since its creation in 2001. The chain is located in the four and five-star hotel segment and organised into two lines differentiated by location and category. All the establishments emphasize design, cutting-edge technology, the best team of professionals and the most modern management techniques in the world of hotels. Furthermore, the establishments are always located in new or thoroughly reformed buildings. Adapting to surroundings, studying new trends, innovating and offering clients more than they demand are the bases for the business culture of the chain.

About eRevMax:

eRevMax provides next generation online distribution & business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry. The company’s new offering – LIVE, a responsive web platform, incorporates the RateTiger and Connect products, thus offering detailed competitor intelligence, comprehensive business performance analytics and reliable channel management capability through secure XML connections. Incorporated in 2001, eRevMax helps over 20,000 hoteliers worldwide to increase revenue, streamline business processes and reduce booking acquisition cost.

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