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eRevMax Unveils RTSuite 3 for the Best in Channel Management

London, 30 October 2012

Redesigned interface with additional control and automation for rate and inventory distribution

eRevMax launches its third full edition of RateTiger RTSuite with a new user interface and automated inventory distribution controls, at World Travel Market 2012.

The hotel technology specialist in distribution and channel connectivity has spent the last few months redeveloping its industry acclaimed channel management product to simplify online rate and inventory management for hotels. RTSuite 3 has been redesigned incorporating Online On-Demand Shopping for quick room rate data collection and consolidating multiple update features to enhance efficiency.

RTSuite 3 has been developed to provide users throughout the hotel property with role responsibility based access to meet their individual requirements in managing third party channel updates. The third edition also features Allocation Management, an advanced automated pooled inventory distribution system, supported by an intelligent alert mechanism that proactively notifies user of inventory changes. The user interface further simplifies the integration of RMS data feeds. The new version will also support Reservation Delivery from OTAs to PMS to reduce the manual error-prone task of reservation and guest data entry.

"RTSuite 3 will become the easiest channel manager ever,” said Vishal Arora, VP Product Management, eRevMax International. “Our enhanced channel connectivity technology now provides hotels with immediate information on the marketplace; delivering the status of room rates, availability, bookings and any channel related issues. This will make updates faster and resolve issues quicker to prevent the property losing out on bookings and building additional revenue."

eRevMax International enhanced the product layout and implemented additional functionality to meet market demands following an intensive market research programme through The Distribution Challenge 2012 with Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, and directly engaging its 5000 customers in product and service feedback.

“Our third edition takes our channel manager to the next level; we’ve also made essential adjustments to the way we provide our products to deliver hotels that competitive edge. By restructuring our customer service and support centre, hotels now receive technical assistance to maintain sales consistency and have gained account management support to help them increase channel productivity.”

RTSuite 3 is currently being deployed to existing RTSuite customers and will be available for full demonstration at World Travel Market 2012, in Global Village Stand GV635 from Monday 5 November 2012.

eRevMax will be hosting The 3 P's of Hotel Sales: Pricing, Productivity, People presentation in the Travel Technology Pavilion, Tuesday 6th November, 16:30 hours with Michael Thiry, Distribution Manager, Best Western Belgium.

About eRevMax:
eRevMax International is a premier security certified global software and services house. It combines technology, knowledge and skills in connectivity, market intelligence, revenue and distribution management for the hospitality and travel industry. Incorporated in 2001 eRevMax caters to over 5000 customers in over 100 countries and 1800 cities worldwide with offices and R&D centers across continents. With a diverse product portfolio, eRevMax provides premium full service technology solutions and services across the hospitality and travel spectrum.

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