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Education & Training

The essence of any successful Revenue Management (RM) implementation in any organization is to have RM educated team that can create and support the requirements. They should also have the empowerment, ability and seniority to disseminate a Revenue Management culture throughout the organization.

  • Define the requirements of Revenue Management
  • Assemble the tools required to manage the information
  • Educate the responsible people in the art and science of Revenue Management
  • Build a Revenue Management culture within the organization as a whole
  • Standby Revenue Management driven decision points
  • Continuous implementation of Revenue Management strategies
  • Continuous training of new and old team members in Revenue Management methodologies

Whichever stage of RM implementation an organization is in, education and training will play an important role.

At eRevMax we offer:

Seminar formats, which are open to the general public or specifically designed for a particular client's needs and an online series of Internet workshops. Presentations are broadcast live over the Internet with follow up online tutorial sessions. Again either on generic RM subjects or specifically tailored to an organization's specific needs.

The following are a few of the subjects we have covered in the past:

Seminar Series

  • Revenue Management 'Basics'
  • Efficiently Managing Online Distribution
  • Pricing Structure
Online Series
  • Managing Online Distribution