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Managed Reports

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RateTiger Managed Reports Service brings you high quality rate data for your property and your competitors in real-time at your preferred delivery time. Monitor and compare competitor strategies for optimal utilization of rate elasticity to sell more rooms. Empower your pricing decisions with key market insights for translating into positive business outcomes by leveraging proactive business intelligence.

Quality rate intelligence to win the market

So what can it do?

Ready-to-use high quality rate reports from selected channels for your hotel and your competitors
Connect Receive reports at your preferred time and frequency
Get detailed analysis of your rate position vis-à-vis your competitor set
Rate reports delivered directly into your inbox
Connect Reports exportable to Revenue Management Systems (RMS) via XML
Connect Select from various channel and hotel level combinations
Connect Shop multiple sites as required for your revenue management strategy
Connect Reports cover up to 360 days of future rate data
Connect Choose the report frequency (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) and number of days

How will it benefit you?

Removes dependency of being logged into a system
Connect Harvesting of Data includes Quality Assurance (QA) testing for maximum accuracy
Analyze gap between your hotel and competitors' rates
View rate movements of your competitive set
Connect Pricing based on datapoints consumed, so only pay for the reports you need
Connect Integrate with RMS for immediate data processing and usage
Connect Helps to analyze & forecast market trends
Connect Operational 24x7 with an uptime of more than 99.5% accurate data
Connect Report delivered automatically with pre-set frequency
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Managed Reports Service

Daily Reports
Generated and sent daily or on your chosen days of the week - Daily Reports cover 30, 60 or 90 days of future rate data. The maximum limit can go up to 360 days.

Weekly Reports
Generated and sent on your chosen day of the week - Weekly Reports cover 60, 90 or 180 days of future rate data. The maximum limit can go up to 360 days.

Monthly Reports
Generated and sent on your chosen day / date of the month - Monthly Reports cover up to 360 days of future rate data.