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2-way XML Interface

Complete enterprise connectivity solution for centralized distribution

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2-way XML Interface

2-way XML Gateway for the hospitality industry, which provides connectivity for rate, inventory and reservation delivery to your current hotel systems.

For Hotel Chains & Groups

e-Distribution Gateway for Hotel Chains & Groups

Connect by eRevMax, the 2-way XML Gateway for the hospitality industry provides connectivity for rate, inventory and reservation delivery to your current hotel systems. OTA/HTNG compliant, the e-distribution gateway provides the perfect Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution for you to progress from a decentralized to a centralized distribution strategy - while keeping your distribution partner connectivity the same! Through one simple connection from your hotel systems, you gain seamless 2-way connectivity to all your distribution partners.

Connect completely automates the distribution process to match supply with relevant demand, and maximize revenue from each room. Manage multiple hotel properties centrally and enjoy the support of centralized contracts with distribution channel easily. Migrate from a decentralized to centralized business processes in your hotel group with full enterprise two-way distribution connectivity.

ARI Services

Real-time pricing and availability pushed into multiple sales channels for different properties from single platform

Booking Delivery Services

100% reservation delivery between connected sales channels to the CRS/PMS including booking confirmations, modification and rebooking

Allocation Management Services

Supports allocations, Free Sell, Last Room Availability (LRA) and weights to maximize yield by right product positioning

For PMS / CRS Providers

XML Interface for seamless rate and inventory distribution

You can now deliver higher-levels of service and solutions to your hotel clients by integrating with eRevMax channel management solutions. This will enable you to offer ‘off-the-shelf’ connected distribution partners that your hotel clients require to meet the demands of online distribution.

Through Connect by eRevMax, your system will enable your hotel end-users to generate more revenue through profitable online booking channels. Connect will deliver your solution and your customer with advantages in distribution without the expensive and highly intensive management required to maintain and develop new connections. Advance and evolve your system for seamless connectivity with your hotel customers.

Real-time ARI update

Provide hotels with a central repository of online transactions / inventory & rate management

Decrease server load

Reduce traffic on CRS/PMS as shopping takes place on upstream systems

Cost Effective

Eliminate switch processing fees for major OTAs

Add more channels

Gain access to ‘hard to get’ distribution channels

Improve customer base

Leverage eRevMax hotel eco-system to get more customers

For OTAs / Distribution Partners

Add more inventories to your channel with advanced XML connectivity

Over 20000 properties use eRevMax channel connections to optimize revenue and bookings from Distribution Partners providing more rooms and inventory to a global market place.

Connect by eRevMax builds 2-way direct XML connections to further streamline the channel management process by sharing essential reservation data directly between the hotels and the distribution partners.

Inventory Expansion

Add more inventories to your channel by reaching out to a wider range of suppliers

Improve Booking Conversion

Real-time pricing and availability pushed into distribution for maximizing yield

Eliminate Overbooking

Reduce the chance of missing bookings by automatic transfer of reservations data booked through the channel to the hotel

Better Exposure

Opportunity to gain visibility as a leading online distribution partner

Hotel System Accessibility

Easy access to leading hotel systems without having to integrate with them one-on-one

Reputation Score

Measure your online reputation quotient within the competitive set

Hotel & Channel Ecosystem

Facilitating business relationship between Hotels and Distribution Channels

The eRevMax Hotel Ecosystem provides IDSs greater access to global hotel inventory that will help improve their consumer offering and diversify the product portfolio, which will accordingly result in more business.

The eRevMax Channel Ecosystem will help hotel brands identify key producers of room nights in key feeder markets and assist properties in their portfolios to acquire greater online distribution and sales.

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