RTReview - The guest review management tool
Good hotel reviews bring increased ADR and Direct bookings
33% bookers change their hotel based on reviews
1 point ranking is a difference of 9% ADR
Increased engagement with reviews brings 5% more direct bookings
RTReview helps you monitor your customer feedback and liaise directly with your guests. It consolidates online guest reviews and comments from various websites and shows hotel ratings in clear reports. Customer reviews are placed in categories based on multiple parameters, such as hotel facilities, restaurant, customer service and cleanliness and can be filtered by several criteria such as type of travel or age.
Receive all your online reviews in one place
Respond directly to users*
Monitor competitor reviews
See when a new review is posted
Connected to Facebook and Twitter
Over 80 websites available including Booking.com, Yell.com, TripAdvisor and Qype
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4C Hotels increased ranking and direct bookings
Find out how the hotel achieved this with RTReview
WHITEPAPER: Social media - influencing booking behaviour
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*We will release a limited version of RTReview. This will include 20 websites of the 80+ available, and will not include competitor reviews, to get you started. This is available for the first 100 subscribers.

**Available up to 28 days after expiration of Trial Period.
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