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RateTiger provides a cloud-based integrated technology platform for accommodation providers globally. It offers Hotel Channel Manager, Rate Shopping and Market Intelligence Software, Hotel Booking Engine, Website design and development services as well as GDS and Metasearch distribution capabilities, all through a single sign-on platform.

RateTiger by eRevMax offers seamless XML connectivity between various distribution channels including OTAs, GDS, Metasearch, Wholesalers and hotel systems including global and regional Property Management Systems (PMS), thereby providing real-time flow of Availability, Rates and Inventory as well as Guest Reservation Data. The eRevMax Channel Ecosystem offers over 450 channel and technology partners for hotels to choose from. RateTiger is the preferred connectivity partner for various luxury hotel chains, mid-size groups, as well as independent boutique properties worldwide.

We connect to hundreds of OTAs and other demand and technology partners in the industry - to see our list of integrations, CLICK HERE

Hotel Channel Manager

RateTiger is an advanced Hotel Channel Manager offering 99.5% system uptime and security certified under ISO and PCI as well as GDPR compliant. RateTiger provides hotels with a seamless channel connectivity platform to make online distribution smooth and effortless.

User-friendly interface, easy-to-use product features, regular updates, 24/7 multi-lingual customer support are some of the key USPs that RateTiger offers. RateTiger hotel channel manager is considered one of the best online distribution and connectivity solutions, given its vast network of high-quality volume-producing demand partner base.

Monitor and manage your hotel occupancy through the Pooled Inventory model, and drive bookings for last available room. Make all updates across all demand channels in real-time. Monitor channel performance and manage all aspects of your revenue management process. Work closely with channels that bring more business to your city at lower commissions. Explore regional channels to reduce costs while gaining visibility in specific source markets.

Maximize your revenue potential with strategic rate and yield management. Leverage our world class hotel channel manager software, currently being used by some of the top hotel brands.



XML Connectivity

2-way XML connection with various distribution partners and system providers for seamless updates

Quick Update

Quick Update

Change rates & availability across selected days / room types/ websites instantly with your pre-set configuration

Real Time Update

Real-time Update

Real-time Availability, Rate & Inventory (ARI) updates across channels from a single user interface

Avoid Overbookings

Avoid Overbookings

Close out and open availability across all websites with one click

Reduce Manual Error

Reduce Manual Error

Maintain rate / room type plans to reduce manual interference during updates

Automatic Room Mapping

Automatic Room-mapping

Built-in rules for each extranet - automatic adherence to each site’s capabilities and restrictions

Useful ADD-ONS

Allocation Management
Allocation Management

Automate your inventory distribution completely and improve the yielding of every room in the hotel.

Allocation Alert
Allocation alert

Automatic notifications when allocation on one of your extranets is 'Low' or 'Sold Out'. Prevent overbooking and offer 'Last Room Availability'.

Reservation Delivery

Pull Reservation Data from eRevMax certified travel agents. Reservation details with room type from the channel will be delivered directly to your PMS with reservation room type.

Reservation Report

Generate consolidated reports of all reservations delivered from your sales channels into your PMS. Monitor the room booking and cancellation status for the current date, last 7 days and last 30 days from the dashboard.

GDS Distribution

Distribute on over 500,000 travel agents worldwide with GDS connectivity. GDS Distribution is an add-on service available with RateTiger Hotel Channel Manager to make real-time rates and inventories adjustments across all 4 GDS – Pegasus, Worldspan, Sabre, Apollo.

Meta Search

Manage metasearch channels just like any other OTA from your RateTiger or RTConnect dashboard. Connect easily to Kayak, TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, WeGo and many more. Compete with your live rates to bring more direct bookings.

Social Media
Social Media Distribution

Add social media sites like Facebook and eBay to your distribution strategy.

Social Media

Update and manage your hotel brand website directly from RateTiger Channel Manager. RateTiger has integration with various Booking Engine helping you attract more direct bookings. Contact us to see our BE partner list or take a demo of the RateTiger Booking Engine.


RateTiger Shopper is an easy to use hotel rate shopping and market intelligence software. It provides access to your property rate data against that of competitors across various OTAs for analyzing rate position and market movement.

With RateTiger Shopper, you can monitor Rate Parity and Rate Integrity across multiple online sales channels. Through the various scheduled and on-demand rate reports, track competitor price movement easily. Export data into your Revenue Management System for better rate predictions and informed rate strategies.


Review Market

Review your marketplace

Real-time rate data to support room pricing decisions

Shop Multiple

Parameter based Rate Shopping

See net, gross, or on-site rate for different date range and parameters

Price Position

Track price position

Get lowest rate report for all selected channels

Rate Movement

Identify rate movement

Rate change report to identify competitors’ room rate changes


Monitor your competitors

Positioning report to know competitive set’s position across channels


Competitor performance

Monitor closed and open dates of competitors (closed-out dates report)

Useful ADD-ONS

Rate Alert
Rate Alerts

Receive email notifications every time your competitors’ change rates. Maintain a dynamic rate strategy with important data points at your fingertips - maximize revenue potential across channels

GDS Shopping

Optimize your position by comparing competitor rates across four major GDSs. Stay ahead with smart rate management and intelligent rate positioning.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team will cheerfully help you through any questions or bumps that might come up.


RateTiger Booking Engine provides your hotel a simple and easy solution for capturing direct bookings from your brand website. It is your key channel to generate commission-free direct reservations for your property or hotel chain. A good booking engine solution can help you optimize your hotel’s sales strategy, decrease dependence on OTAs and maximize revenue and profits.

RateTiger Booking Engine is easy to integrate and can be customized as per your brand colors and existing website. It helps you to leverage social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to generate direct bookings. You can also connect to metasearch sites like Google, Trivago, TripAdvisor among others. Drive more direct bookings to your hotel with a smart and efficient booking engine solution.


Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Responsive design that works on all browser sizes including mobile and tablet


Tailored Theme

Take control of your booking engine's content: descriptions, amenities, media, search engine optimization and more


2-way XML Update

Manage room rates and availability including your rate plans, room types, policies and hot dates and receive reservation to your PMS

Sentiment Analysis

Real-Time Reporting

View reports on top countries, cities, booking lead, referring sites, revenue, rooms sold, connected devices and the ever popular look to book ratio

Pricing Covertion

Language & Currency localization

Set up your reservation process in all important languages and currencies

Pricing Analysis

Flexible Pricing

Industry’s first tiered pricing model to manage costs on new and existing bookings while increasing conversions and boosting revenues. Starting at €66 / month

Useful ADD-ONS

Website Design
Website Design

Customized responsive website design for better engagement to drive conversions.

SEO Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

Organic, local and destination search engine optimization for maximum exposure.

Social Media
Social Media Marketing

Proactive and personalized social media marketing turning guests into loyal ambassador.

GDS Distribution

Reach out to traditional travel agents

Distribute on over 500,000 travel agents worldwide with GDS connectivity. GDS Distribution is an add-on service available with RateTiger Channel Manager to make real-time rates and inventories adjustments across all 4 GDS – Pegasus, Worldspan, Sabre, Apollo.


Captive Audience

Captive audience of 500000+ IATA registered travel agents

Single Window

Update rates and inventories along with OTAs from a single window

Reservation Details

Receive reservation details direct in your PMS *

Metasearch Distribution

Drive more direct booking traffic to your hotel website

Manage metasearch channels just like any other OTA from your RateTiger or RTConnect dashboard. Connect easily to Kayak, TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, Trivago, WeGo and many more. Compete with your live rates to bring more direct bookings.


Improve Booking

Improve Direct Bookings

Reduce distribution cost by driving more traffic to brand site for attracting more direct bookings

Show Prices

Show Prices on Key Channels

Get visibility in Trivago, TripAdvisor, Kayak, WeGo and Google Hotel Finder among other metasearch channels (MSCs)

Metasearch Dashboard

Manage Metasearch from Dashboard

Seamlessly integrates with your existing RateTiger or RTConnect solution - via WIHP

Ari Update

ARI Update

Direct connectivity to CRS/Booking Engine through XML interface for real-time rates and availability updates

Monitor Performance

Monitor Performance

Analyze your ROI through advanced analytics to identify the best performing meta search sites

Integration Partners - PMS, RMS, CRS, OTAs, BE, Metas

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