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Channel Management

Increase your bookings with efficient rate & availability management across multiple distribution channels

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Channel Management

Quickly and efficiently manage room rates, availability and restrictions across all connected internet distribution sites with Channelmanager.

Channel Manager

Manage all your channels from one window

Quickly and efficiently manage room rates, availability and restrictions across all connected internet distribution sites. It offers a vast network of volume-producing, branded, popular, tour-operator, specialist, discount and niche online travel agents (OTAs) as well as advertising, e-commerce, marketing and social channels.

The easy-to-use dashboard of the channel manager allows you to improve revenues through better room rate and yield management – all from a smart single interface. Take complete control of your revenue management and inventory distribution strategy to control distribution costs and drive direct bookings. Monitor your channel performance and booking productivity by employing the best online sales partners to maximize your revenue potential.

XML Connectivity

2-way XML connection with various distribution partners and system providers for seamless updates

Quick Update

Change rates & availability across selected days / room types/ websites instantly with your pre-set configuration

Real-time Update

Real-time Availability, Rate & Inventory (ARI) updates across channels from a single user interface

Avoid Overbookings

Close out and open availability across all websites with one click

Reduce Manual Error

Maintain rate / room type plans to reduce manual interference during updates

Automatic Room-mapping

Built-in rules for each extranet - automatic adherence to each site’s capabilities and restrictions

Reservation Reports

Track your guest reservation from the dashboard

Generate consolidated reports of all reservations delivered from your sales channels into your PMS/CRS. Analyze results to know your best-selling channels! Know the room booking and cancellation status for the current date, last 7 days and last 30 days from the dashboard.

Customer Segmentation

Identify high-value guests according to geography, demography, or other customer classification for customer segmentation

Channel Performance

View average rate, net reservations, length of stay, and revenue by channels to identify the profitable ones

Identify Loyalty

Snapshot of reservation history of the guest to identify your loyal customers

Reservation Delivery

Guest reservation data delivered to PMS in real-time

Reservation Delivery is a subscription based service for Hotels to pull Reservation Data from eRevMax certified travel agents. Reservation details with room type from the channel will be delivered directly to your PMS with reservation room type. Access booking details upto 2 years anytime from the dashboard. Eliminate chance of overbooking with reservation reconciliation for number of days in past to sync inventory.

Immediate Booking Notification

Real-time delivery of reservations to your hotel PMS eliminating chance manual error

Avoid overbooking

Reservation reconciliation for number of days in past to sync inventory removing chances of overbooking

Booking History

Search and access any historical and future reservation by confirmation number for upto 2 years

Monitor bookings

Receive details of all new bookings, including modifications or cancellations

View any reservation

Confirm or un-confirm reservations by submitting reservation confirmation number from your PMS

Channel Performance

Filter bookings by channels to know which channels are bringing the results

GDS Distribution

Reach out to traditional travel agents

Distribute on over 500,000 travel agents worldwide with GDS connectivity. GDS Distribution is an add-on service available with RateTiger Channel Manager to make real-time rates and inventories adjustments across all 4 GDS – Pegasus, Worldspan, Sabre, Apollo.

Captive audience of 500000+ IATA registered travel agents

Update rates and inventories along with OTAs from a single window

Receive reservation details direct in your PMS *

Metasearch Distribution

Drive more direct booking traffic to your hotel website

Interact with your potential guests at the very beginning of their research and decision making process through eRevMax Metasearch. Connect easily to Kayak, TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, Trivago, WeGo and many more. Compete with your live rates to bring more direct bookings. Manage metasearch channels just like any other OTA from your RateTiger or Connect dashboard.

eRevMax Metasearch in partnership with WIHP enables hotels to push real time rates and availability to Google Hotel Finder, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Kayak and WeGo. Connect your Hotel Management System (PMS/CRS) with metasearch engines.

Improve Direct Bookings

Reduce distribution cost by driving more traffic to brand site for attracting more direct bookings

Show Prices on Key Channels

Get visibility in Trivago, TripAdvisor, Kayak, WeGo and Google Hotel Finder among other metasearch channels (MSCs)

Manage Metasearch from Dashboard

Seamlessly integrates with your existing RateTiger or Connect solution - via WIHP

ARI Update

Direct connectivity to CRS/Booking Engine through XML interface for real-time rates and availability updates

Monitor Performance

Analyze your ROI through advanced analytics to identify the best performing meta search sites

Useful ADD-ONS

Allocation Management

Automate your inventory distribution completely and improve the yielding of every room in the hotel.

Allocation alert

Automatic notifications when allocation on one of your extranets is 'Low' or 'Sold Out'. Prevent overbooking and offer 'Last Room Availability'.

Social Media Distribution

Add social media sites like Facebook and eBay to your distribution strategy.

TEAMS Plug-in

AVQuest’s TEAMS automated business reporting & payment solution plug-in helps you improve cash flow and collections whilst reducing risk, creating operational efficiency and streamlining processes. The plug-in automatically detects invalid cards as well as offers other useful features. More

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