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Rate & Review Comparison

Online business intelligence for competitor analysis

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Rate & Review Comparison

Review is a web-based tool that helps you to compile, monitor and manage your customer feedback and liaise directly with your guests. It consolidates online guest reviews and comments from various travel review and social media websites and shows your hotel ratings in clear concise reports.


Power your pricing decision with real-time rate intelligence

Shopper is a comprehensive yet easy to use hotel rate intelligence solution. It enables you to check your room rates are accurate across all channels while analyzing room rates of your competitive set and rate positioning across multiple hotel websites, third party sales channels and online travel agents (OTA).

Stay on top of your rate strategy and that of your competitors across multiple online sales channels. Get notified whenever your competitor makes rate changes to respond. Use rate shopping data to maintain rate parity across third party websites. Connect the data with your Revenue Management System (RMS) for improved efficiencies.

Review your marketplace

Real-time rate data to support room pricing decisions

Shop multiple parameters

View gross, net or on-site rate on different date range and parameters

Know price position

Lowest rate report across all selected extranets

Identify rate movement

Rate change report to identify competitors’ room rate changes

Monitor your competitors

Positioning report to know competitive set’s position across channels

Competitor performance

Monitor closed and open dates of competitors (closed-out dates report)

Useful ADD-ONS

Rate Alerts

Receive email notifications every time your competitors’ change rates. Maintain a dynamic rate strategy with important data points at your fingertips - maximize revenue potential across channels

GDS Shopping

Optimize your position by comparing competitor rates across four major GDSs. Stay ahead with smart rate management and intelligent rate positioning.

TEAMS Plug-in

AVQuest’s TEAMS automated business reporting & payment solution plug-in helps you improve cash flow and collections whilst reducing risk, creating operational efficiency and streamlining processes. The plug-in automatically detects invalid cards as well as offers other useful features. More


Corporate business intelligence to make informed decision

Corp is a high-performance market intelligence data solution, designed for anyone in need of an overview of hotel rates to monitor rate trends, market prices, rate parity as well as other pricing requirements for the business. The product is best suited for Hotel Group HQs, Online Travel Agents, Corporate Travel Managers, Event Planners and Travel Management Companies (TMCs).

Select a list of channels from a vast network of online travel distribution sites and hotel websites and utilize the data to track anomalies or breach of corporate rate policies across your group of selected properties and websites. Use Hotel ranking reports to monitor and improve brand position on all connected distribution channels.

Tailor made shopping

Monitor specific benchmark parameters like room type, length of stay and meal plan for true like-for-like comparisons

Dynamic pricing

Capture real-time hotel and competitor prices to keep rate strategy dynamic

Shop you till you drop

Generate rate reports for selected hotels from over 10,000 electronic sales channels (e.g. GDS, wholesale rates, OTAs)

Maintain Rate Parity

Receive and/or send automated notifications identifying anomalies or breaches in rate policies to achieve rate parity

Track Ranking Report

Gather ranking reports to see how branded properties are positioned across the sales channels

Useful ADD-ONS

Hotel Group HQ

Compare portfolio rates & competitors

Online Travel Agents

Compare hotel market rates

Corporate Travel Managers

Get the best rate deals

Event Planners

Regional market rates

Managed Rate Reports

Quality rate intelligence to win the market

RateTiger Managed Reports Service brings you high quality rate data for your property and your competitors in real-time at your preferred delivery time. Monitor and compare competitor strategies for optimal utilization of rate elasticity to sell more rooms. Empower your pricing decisions with key market insights for translating into positive business outcomes by leveraging proactive business intelligence.

Total Accuracy

Provides ready-to-use high quality rate reports based on your pre-set frequency for your hotel and your competitor set on channels of your choice

No Software Investment

Removes dependency on hotel system or rate shopping software for rate shopping data

Need based, pre-scheduled

Rate reports delivered directly into your inbox for you to use as and when you want

Data Filtration

Filter data based on Occupancy and LAR level from various channel and hotel level combinations


As many or as few sites as you need to support your revenue management strategy

Rate Parameter Shopping

Filter your rates like occupancy and lowest available rates with one defined LOS*

Useful ADD-ONS

Daily Reports

Generated and sent daily or on your chosen days of the week - Daily Reports cover 30, 60 or 90 days of future rate data. The maximum limit can go up to 360 days

Weekly Reports

Generated and sent on your chosen day of the week - Weekly Reports cover 60, 90 or 180 days of future rate data. The maximum limit can go up to 360 days.

Monthly Reports

Generated and sent on your chosen day/date of the month – Monthly Reports cover up to 360 days of future rate data.


Monitor and manage guest reviews to improve online reputation

Review is a web-based tool that helps you to compile, monitor and manage your customer feedback and liaise directly with your guests. It consolidates online guest reviews from various travel review and social media websites and shows your hotel ratings in clear concise reports.

Review uses semantic analysis to measure your online reputation scores and map your customers better. Identify strengths and concern on multiple parameters, including hotel facilities, restaurant, customer service and cleanliness. Access competitor guest review data to develop an informed brand reputation strategy for better pricing and revenue management decision-making. Engage with your guests effectively and improve direct bookings.

Measure online reputation

Know what is being said about you from over 80 review sites including Twitter & Facebook

Engage with your guests

Directly respond to your guests in multiple websites from a single interface

Track competitors’ review

Monitor how your competitions are doing according to their guests

Know your standing

Identify ratings & market share across multiple review websites

Sentiment Analysis

Use semantic analysis on your property or your competitors’ to identify pros & cons of each department

Compare your performance

Statistical overview & graphs for last 2 years to review past and present trends

Useful ADD-ONS

Competitor Reviews

Monitor competitor properties’ guest reviews to optimize your performance. An effective SWOT analysis will help you develop an informed online brand reputation strategy

Social Media Review

Add social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to your review sites and monitor comments. Engage with guests across various digital platforms to ensure effective brand visibility to improve direct bookings..

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