Why Hotels need Channel Manager?

In today’s tourism sector, OTAs are playing a major role and big OTAs like Expedia and Booking.com have dominated the travel market. So, it is a must for hotels to opt for OTA services. Additionally, it is not possible to get enough bookings from one OTA, so now hotels must connect with multiple OTAs which makes it difficult to manage the inventory manually. Hence comes the role of a Channel Manager.

A channel manager helps you to implement yield management techniques effectively i.e. to sell the right room at the right time at the right price on the right channel.

Channel Manager helps to boost occupancy rate. It pushes room inventory and automatically updates all rates in respective OTAs in real- time.  Even a channel manager gives more opportunities to hoteliers to connect with more OTAs to expand visibility and earn more revenue.  Room rates and availability get updated across all platforms in real-time. Along with Channel Manager, a hotel can connect with more systems like PMS, GDS, RMS, CRS, Rate Shopping and Meta Search sites.

Key Benefits of using a Channel Manager –

  • Manage availability and rates for OTAs from one dashboard
  • Efficiently close availability at the click of a button across all channels
  • Expand online visibility by selling on multiple channels
  • Maximize hotel revenue by smart management of rate
  • Increase occupancy level with clever distribution strategies
  • Eliminate overbooking situations by using pooled inventory feature
  • All updates made in real-time without logging into multiple extranets
  • Bookings from channels delivered directly into PMS
  • Inventory status always up to date in the PMS
  • More time to focus on strategies rather than updating channels
  • No risk of human errors when updating rates or inventory on channels

A Channel manager also helps you to connect to channels that bring more business to your country – thereby putting your hotel in front of international travelers. Considered one of the best hotel channel manager in the market, RateTiger is integrated with more than 350 OTAs and working closely with 9000 hotels globally. It is the connectivity partner of choice for large hotel groups, mid-scale chains as well as independent properties in both luxury and budget segment worldwide providing solutions through its core product brands – RateTiger and LiveOS.

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