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The Indian Traveller 2014

  • Kolkata, 29 January, 2014

eRevMax, the leading hotel online distributions and channel management solutions provider has released an Infographic - The Indian Traveller 2014 shedding key insights on new age Indian travelers.

The infographic- based on several market studies, shows that despite a relatively slower economic growth and foreign exchange volatility, over 15 million Indian travellers are planning foreign trip. Interestingly, Dubai and Singapore still keeps the top positions as the most popular destinations for Indians.

With over 50% of all phones sold in India being smart phones, it’s no wonder that 33% of all travel related queries come from mobile. Indian business travellers have quickly adapted to mobile bookings, and 39% of them are making travel arrangements including reservations through a mobile device. eRevMax suggests Indian hotel OTAs to focus more on mobile marketing and invest in mobile optimized websites.

The increase in disposable income along with a stable economy, easy access to credit and exposure to media have influenced Middle Class India’s mindset and choices. Indians are now more aspirational and confident - exploring new destinations and spending more on vacations. The infographic notes that 38% of Indians plan to utilize spare cash on holidays and vacations. The out bound travellers are high spenders with average spending per trip crossing $1700.

The report shows 51% searches done online are rated to travel. Indians clearly begins their travel planning through a search engine with 70% destination selection being done through online search. Hotels tops the list, with 54% of all travel related searches are on accommodation.

India has the third largest Facebook users. Social media has become the norm with 40% travellers consulting friends through social media on travel. Most four and five star hotels in main cities have realized the huge opportunity social media offers, and have made an active presence.

To access the full infographic, click Infographic: The Indian Traveller 2014.

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