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Integrated Management Dashboard

Control your revenue strategy anytime, anywhere

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Integrated Management Dashboard

Bring your distribution data together on a SINGLE platform

Distribution Management

Manage online distribution directly from your RateTiger LIVE dashboard. Making ARI updates was never this easy. With the Integrated Management Dashboard, you can easily monitor and update multiple varieties of channels easily and efficiently.

Hosted on the responsive web LIVE OS platform, the distribution management module allows hotels to quickly manage room rates, availability and restrictions across all connected XML channels in real-time through any connected device. Improve your distribution strategies with effective channel management.


Expand your distribution reach through global and regional online travel agencies (OTAs)

Metasearch Engines

Improve direct bookings by making your brand visible on metasearch channels


Distribute rates and availability on over 480,000 travel agents worldwide via GDSs

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Revenue Management

Monitor and manage all your reservations directly from RateTiger Integrated Management Dashboard. Access any past or future reservations for up to two years to track your guest booking history. Further, the LIVE OS platform is integrated to various third party Revenue Management Systems (RMS), Booking Engine (BE), Property Management Systems (PMS) and other hospitality technology service providers giving you access to manage these systems directly from the dashboard.

Reservation Delivery

Receive your OTA bookings from extranets into any PMS/CRS connected to eRevMax.

Reservation Reports

Generate consolidated reports of all reservations delivered from your sales channels into your PMS/CRS.

Third party RMS/CRS/BE Integration

Access and manage your hotel systems directly from the dashboard.

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Competitor Intelligence

Make informed decisions with market intelligence. Monitor competitor rate movements in real time online or through scheduled daily / weekly reports. Measure performance and identify gaps between your hotel and the competitor set. Take advantage of easy-to-use, comprehensive and integrated reporting and analysis to track your business and identify advantages as it happens.

Online Rate Shopping

Real-time rate shopping to support pricing decisions

Scheduled Rate Reports

High quality rate intelligence data delivered at preferred schedule

Reputation Management

Monitor and respond to online guest reviews

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Business Analytics

Get a bird’s eye view of your into group and property level business performance in real-time Analytics. Measure and monitor key metrics including booking production, pace, reputation monitoring and compliance to strategic & tactical business plans. Obtain real-time production data, analyse gaps to get a clear picture of their business. Access high quality market data to respond to opportunities and threats in real time for optimizing your revenue strategy.

Production Analysis

Real-time analysis of key revenue data including budget, pace, booking and ADR to monitor performance

Competitor Analysis

Analyze your position vis-a-vis competitors on various parameters including production, rate, reputation

Third party BI Integration

Access your business intelligence reports directly from the dashboard

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