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About eRevMax

eRevMax is a premier, security certified, global software and services house. It combines technology, knowledge and expertise in connectivity, market intelligence, revenue and distribution management for the hospitality and travel industries. Incorporated in 2001, eRevMax caters to over 7000+ customers, 20,000+ Properties in over 100+ countries and 2000+ cities worldwide. The company has offices and Research & Development centres in USA, UK, and India, with representatives in Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Italy, and South Africa.

As an industry leader, eRevMax provides premium full service technology solutions and services and has been recognized with various rewards and certifications over the years. In an intensely competitive marketplace for online distribution and revenue management, the organization has built a reputation and core-differentiating attribute with a unique customer-centric approach.

eRevMax is more than just a company delivering great products, it is today a growing hospitality focused technology organisation. We use the experience and knowledge from across our global team and our valuable revenue manager connections. We compliment our strong product base with the ability to provide further understanding and direction through education of sales techniques.

We understand the needs and the specialist knowledge needed to implement the requirements within Distribution and Revenue Management in which a simple "black-box" solution can often fail to live up to expectations. We have therefore combined Revenue Management tools with focused consultation and educational services.

In Online Distribution Management, eRevMax has become a leader and is still pioneering the development of ground breaking management tools, which the industry as a whole can embrace. Our experience has led us to working with a range of leading travel sites, CRS, PMS, RMS amongst other hospitality related organizations, with the objective of bringing ultimate distribution management tools to the industry.

A diverse, experienced and motivated talent pool of over 300 people are cohesively working together worldwide to deliver premium solutions, based on a mature global delivery model to clients across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific.

We believe in our people and offer fast-paced career opportunities, with global exposure to best business practices at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.


To be a successful pillar of strength and excellence on which the world leans, trusts and relies for technology, distribution, marketing and connectivity product solutions and services.


We invest in our people to provide best breed services and solutions for our customers.

Core Values

  • Respect within the organization and for our customers
  • Honest, fair and positive approach
  • Social awareness
  • High standards in our products and services
     … while enhancing shareholder value