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Customer Case Studies

RTSuite Connect RTCorp
Sarova Hotels, UK

“The RTSuite RTChannelmanager Pro is much better than others on the market and I’ve seen it change significantly over the years. RateTiger makes it easier to control, especially for rate management; pre-formatted settings means we can set a base level price for each room type and the technology calculates all rates across the different channels. It’s very simple.”

- John Siberry, Group Revenue Manager Read
Bega Hotel, Russia

“We’ve been using RateTiger since 2009, and it really helped us to achieve our goals in online market segment. Along with a major boost in online sales, the rate parity problem has been solved effectively. RateTiger helps to save valuable time to concentrate on other aspects of marketing, as its interface is easy to use. We highly recommend RateTiger for any revenue management team.”

- Arkady Krouchinsky, Vice-Director Read
King Edward Hotel Banff, Canada

“RateTiger gives us a better overview of the market so we can gauge our position instantly. It is crazy how fast prices change; RTSuite helps us keep on track, allowing us to update rates when we need to. We are now pretty good at benchmarking against our competition. We don’t have a sales department, therefore our front desk staff uses it, and they find it very easy to use.”

- Torsten Merker, Owner Read
RAMADA Überseehotel Bremen, Germany

“Implementing a channel management system was essential and has proved to be money well spent! We have achieved better market transparency while simultaneously saving time. Additionally, we could boost different roomtype category sales to further increase our revenue. The result is a significant growth in turnover alongside a saving on process costs!”

- Markus Barth, Regional Director & Hotel Director Read
Caribbean Islands Travel, L.L.C., USA

“Accessing the vacation rentals market through online travel agents is a relatively new market for us, RateTiger gives us the chance to update all our channels at once. We were impressed by RateTiger’s excellent service given from point of sale to activation and training. We have had excellent response time to our questions and we are very satisfied with the tool. It has been a good decision to partner with the RateTiger team.”

- Luis Medina, Manager, Caribbean Islands Travel, L.L.C. Read
Dedeman Istanbul, Turkey

“We generate almost 18 % of our bookings through the internet. RateTiger helps a lot, we save time updating our rates and allotments, which help us reach our sales targets. We are able to manage products by length of stay applying the relevant rates across 9 websites – so it is incredibly practical.”

- Kenan Kiziltepe, Dedeman Istanbul, Revenue Manager Read
Legacy Hotels, UK

“RateTiger makes it easier for any staff transition and rate parity. The biggest challenge we face is managing rate parity while third-party channels may mark-up rates; this can be problematic with contracted channels – therefore our public rates need to be controlled both online and on the GDS. We’re now able to access the system multiple times a day and update rates – especially when the market becomes cut-throat.”

- Tori Ackling, Group Revenue and Distribution Manager Read
GLA Hotels, France

“Reacting quickly to the markets and maintaining a dynamic rate structure is important for GLA Hotels; therefore having both competitor rates and channel management functionality in one system has provided significant time savings. Data we can access through RateTiger allows us to assess the performance of each website so we can continually maximize bookings from our online channels.”

- Florent Strasser, Revenue Manager Read
Washington Jefferson Hotel, USA

"We chose RTChannelmanager Pro because, as well as being a very detailed and specialised product, it is still very quick and easy to use. It was also important for us to have access to reliable customer support so that problems could be quickly resolved to save us losing out on potential revenue. We currently gain about 50% business from the internet. I cannot imagine not using the software anymore. RTChannelmanager Pro is of daily importance!"

- Kate Martin, General Manager Read
Chateau Versailles, Canada

"Yield managers are becoming increasingly important to maintain our place in the market but also to ensure our resellers have accurate information. More of our wholesalers are requiring us to manage rates online. Through RTChannelmanager Pro this process has saved valuable time. We have introduced more dynamic promotions and can now give attention to social media campaigns."

- Isabelle Descombes, Electronic Distribution Manager Read
Down Hall Country House, UK

"RateTiger is easy to use and if I'm ever stuck, technical support is quick to answer my questions. The service level is excellent giving me greater confidence to explore RateTiger more and discover new functions that further optimises our channel management activities. Features such as Smart Fill helps me save so much more time."

- Melanie Bertram, Revenue Manager Read
Camden Court Hotel, Ireland

“If a hotel is serious about making the most of online sales, a piece of software such as RTSuite is crucial to its success. As well as saving a considerable amount of time, more importantly perhaps, this software allows us to make considered decisions about our rates.”

- Magda Lepak, Reservations Supervisor Read
Best Western The Connaught Hotel, UK

"The installation of RTSuite allows the hotel to update rates and inventory to all channels instantly, in one go, without the tedious manual process of having to access each individual extranet - a God send!"

- David Miller, Managing Director and Owner Read