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About Us

Incorporated in 2001, eRevMax caters to over thousands of hotels in over 100+ countries and 2000+ cities worldwide

eRevMax is an ISO 27001:2013 certified, global software and services house. It combines technology, knowledge and expertise in connectivity, market intelligence, revenue and distribution management for the hospitality and travel industries. The company has offices and Research & Development centres in USA, UK, and India, with representatives in Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Slovakia and South Africa.

eRevMax is the leading provider of online distribution, channel connectivity, market intelligence and revenue management solutions to the hospitality industry. The company delivers its premium hotel channel management product RateTiger, real-time enterprise connectivity gateway – RTConnect, the single sign-on solution to the hospitality and travel industry.

Innovate and simplify technology to maximise profit

Consistent quality, stability and innovation that: HOTELS trust for increasing profits, PARTNERS rely upon, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS believe in

  • People Commitment: Our team is the foundation of our ability to bring value to each other as well as to clients, partners and investors. So, we continue with utmost respect, regard and support for our team
  • Pursuing Excellence: Excellence is our journey in attention to detail for the benefit of ourselves leading to the success of all
  • Global Citizens: Live, work, dream – we are united in bringing together and delivering global values and strengths from our foundations

We provide Solutions

  • eRevMax - The Gold Standard of Connectivity
  • RateTiger - Save Time, Make Money


Executive Management Team

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Sustainability

At eRevMax, Corporate Sustainability means managing our business responsibly and sensitively, and ensuring we include social, economic and environmental factors in the decisions we make today to meet the challenges of the future. We believe sustainability is what is good for a company is also good for the society and vice-versa.

It is our duty to our customers, investors and employees to foster an ethical, responsible and sustainable corporate philosophy. Our sustainability efforts are propelled by the belief that we can be the change we want to see around us.

We continually challenge ourselves to apply our passion for innovation, enterprising spirit, and can-do attitude to make a difference to our customers as well as the society at large...

Happy Clients

eRevMax has a diverse, experienced and motivated team who
cohesively work together globally, to deliver effective solutions on
a mature delivery model.

Our Partners

At eRevMax, we value the business relationships we build with other companies, key sales partners, our customers, and the wider industry. Our Customer Service, Sales and Marketing teams continuously work to better the provision of information, support and connections available to our product users. The Partner Programme is open to any organization and establishment in the hotel and travel technology industry to further the evolution of channel and distribution management to take it to the next stage.

For more information and to find out how you can become part of, and use, the RateTiger Partner Programme, view details or contact us at


Work Culture

eRevMax is an example of a modern global organization. With our vision, commitment and dedication, we provide our clients with quality revenue management oriented solutions and our associates with exciting careers. We operate on the cutting edge of technology with people who are the best in class.

All our associates share the values of the company and this makes our company stand out from the rest:
  • Commitment to Customer Success
  • Integrity at Work
  • Operational Excellence and Innovation
  • Professional Relationship with a Personal Touch

The company is proud to have a group of highly ambitious people as associates, who are driven by the zeal to excel. This invaluable work force is our greatest asset. Our people enjoy the work they do and live life to the fullest. Our development center throbs with energy and vitality, learning and growth, camaraderie and competitiveness, unity and diversity, ideas and innovation as well as discipline and a strong work ethic.

We believe in leading from the front and incorporate such ideals in our associates as well. It is the initiative of our associates that propels us forward. Although we are growing, we have retained the feel of a small company, supporting one another across the world. All the people who work here have a hand in contributing to the growth of the company.

We follow a very entrepreneurial work and learn program that provides a continuous education and learning environment for all employees. The compensations and benefits that we provide match the best in the industry. This is the perfect place for innovative people.

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Job Openings

eRevMax follows a non-discriminatory open door policy that gives due importance to efficiency and experience. We have the following open positions at present.

Current Job Openings

Please click on the below job openings to view the detailed job description:

Take the next step towards your career growth! Send us your updated CV to and be a part of our success story!


eRevMax takes a “people first” approach to its benefit program. It provides its associates with a host of benefits that go a long way in motivating people. The company values its human resources and understands that efficiency & performance are the key words for success and believes in giving the best to its people in the form of facilities and benefits.

  • Medical Insurance and Accident Cover: All the associates in eRevMax are entitled to the Medical Insurance Benefit and Group Personal Accidental cover. The Medicare Service Club covers all the associates of eRevMax who have completed one month of their service in this organization under the Health Insurance Facility and Group Personal Accidental cover.
  • Vacation: It is always good to unwind after hard work. Other than the "two off days a week" policy, the company provides associates with ample leaves so that the work life balance is maintained.
  • Performance Incentive: eRevMax recognizes the importance of competent people in the organization. The associates are rewarded for their contribution to the company’s cause through a method of rational performance evaluation process, which is done uniformly across all departments in the organization.
  • Training Facility: The associates are given training facilities so that they can always work on the cutting edge of technology and keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in technology. Both Internal and External Training Facilities are provided to all employees.
  • Reward & Recognition: In eRevMax we value the effort of our people. Our approach is to achieve a decorous and methodical Reward & Recognition process to motivate our people and demonstrate that they are appreciated.

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