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news Indian Hotel Chain improves online sales with eRevMax 
Publication: Food and Hospitality World, 31 July 2014
news Finnish Hospitality Chain selects eRevMax for online expansion and revenue growth
Publication: Hospitality Technology, 24 July 2014
news HECANSA partners with eRevMax for hotel online distribution technology
Publication: Hospitality Biz India, 17 July 2014
news Sweden Hotel endorses eRevMax as the Preferred Channel Manager Partner
Publication: Hospitality Upgrade, 09 July 2014
news ResorTime connects with eRevMax Channel Ecosystem for upgraded connectivity
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 04 July 2014
news eRevMax Launches Performance Analytics and Benchmarking Platform for Hotels
Publication: hosteltur, 25 June 2014
news German Luxury hotel brand selects eRevMax for maximizing online sales
Publication: TTG Middle East, 13 June 2014
news Leading Indian OTA partners with eRevMax for seamless connectivity
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 12 June 2014
news eRevMax redefines rate shopping with RateTiger Managed Report Service
Publication: Hospitality Biz India, 06 June 2014
news Brazil 2014: Capture the Craze [Infographic]
Publication: Travel Pulse, 28 May 2014
news Indian Luxury Resort improves online revenue with eRevMax 
Publication: Hospitality Technology, 26 May 2014
news Host Hotel Systems integrates with eRevMax for seamless online booking connectivity 
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 19 May 2014
news TBOHolidays joins eRevMax Channel Ecosystem for seamless connectivity
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 13 May 2014
news Auris Hotels Partners with eRevMax for Superior Distribution and Visibility
Publication: TravelMole, 30 April 2014
news Barteo - completes XML integration with eRevMax
Publication: Hotel Marketing, 29 April 2014
news Absolute Hotel Services implements RateTiger solutions for its hotels and resorts
Publication: Travel Daily Media, 17 April 2014
news HMH Partners with eRevMax to Improve Online Sales for its Hotel Portfolio
Publication: hotel MANAGEMENT, 10 April 2014
news Infographic: eRevMax predicts 2014 to be the year of Meta-search
Publication: Tnooz, 03 April 2014
news Hyatt certifies eRevMax as the Preferred Channel Manager Partner
Publication: Hotel Marketing, 27 March 2014
news eRevMax Channel Ecosystem connects with leading Japanese OTA for deeper integration
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 19 March 2014
news Singgasana Hotels and Resorts partners with eRevMax to ride the online wave
Publication: ETB News, 13 March 2014
news Russian hotel OTA (Oktogo) integrates with eRevMax
Publication: Hospitality Upgrade, 05 March 2014
news eRevMax adds metasearch channels in its distribution offerings
Publication: Hospitality Biz India, 01 March 2014
news eRevMax to host TigerTime at ITB Berlin for hoteliers
Publication: Hotel Marketing, 21 February 2014
news Rocco Forte Hotels partners with eRevMax for real-time price intelligence
Publication: Pan Hoteis, 12 February 2014
news eRevMax strengthens its American sales force
Publication: Hotel Marketing, 06 February 2014
news Infographic: The Indian Traveller 2014
Publication: tnooz, 31 January 2014
news eRevMax delivers 15% year-on-year growth in online revenue for Portuguese hotel
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 27 January 2014
news Danish hotel OTA integrates with eRevMax for seamless connectivity
Publication: Hotel Marketing, 17 January 2014
news FITUR to witness TigerTime by eRevMax
Publication: hosteltur, 14 January 2014
news Infographic: Online Hotel Distribution 2014
Publication: hosteltur, 13 January 2014
news Top 5 Trends in Hotel Technology: Infographic
Publication: Skift, 23 December 2013
news Hotel industry veterans endorses eRevMax as a key distribution partner
Publication: Hospitality Upgrade, 19 December 2013
news Getabed connects with eRevMax Channel Ecosystem for upgraded connectivity
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 16 December 2013
news TigerTime by eRevMax – a hit with hoteliers and OTAs
Publication: Hospitality Biz India, 06 December 2013
news eRevMax upgrades its sales management leadership in Asia and Europe
Publication: TravelMole, 20 November 2013
news Customers give eRevMax high marks for service and technology innovation
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 15 November 2013
news eRevMax adds enterprise integration expert Stephen Burke to its leadership team
Publication: Hospitality Biz India, 06 November 2013
news eRevMax Hosts Networking Sessions for Hoteliers at World Travel Market 2013
Publication: TravelMole, 29 October 2013
news Indian OTA partners with eRevMax for deeper integration
Publication: e Travel Business News, 23 October 2013
news Luxury US Hotel selects eRevMax for optimizing online sales
Publication: Hospitality Technology, 21 October 2013
news Leading Indonesian Resort group multiplies online sales with eRevMax
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 09 October 2013
news protel integrates with eRevMax for seamless online booking connectivity
Publication: Hotel Business Review, 02 October 2013
news Beach Vacations relies on eRevMax for optimizing online sales
Publication: epturismo, 25 September 2013
news Russian hotel OTA integrates with eRevMax for seamless connectivity
Publication: hotel MANAGEMENT, 19 September 2013
news eRevMax expands in Brazil with new client acquisitions
Publication: Caribbean News Digital, 16 September 2013
news Leading serviced apartment booking agency selects eRevMax to increase online revenue
Publication:, 05 September 2013
news Spanish hotel major selects eRevMax to optimize online sales potential
Publication: Caribbean News Digital, 30 August 2013
news Hotel channel management leader revamps Enterprise Connectivity Platform
Publication: Hospitality Technology, 21 August 2013
news eRevMax becomes the first channel manager to complete interface with GTA
Publication: hosteltur, 15 August 2013
news Leading Indian OTAs partner with eRevMax for upgraded connectivity
Publication: Travel Daily Media, 09 August 2013
news Transhotel becomes a certified eRevMax distributor
Publication: Hospitality Upgrade, 31 July 2013
news Brazilian Hotel Chain selects eRevMax for maximizing online revenue
Publication: Caribbean News Digital, 29 July 2013
news Spain's largest hotel complex selects eRevMax to drive online revenue
Publication: Hospitality Upgrade, 17 July 2013
news Jumbo Tours experiences higher sales through advanced XML connectivity
Publication: Travolution, 12 July 2013
news Chinese hotel chain signs eRevMax for market expansion and revenue growth
Publication: eTravel BlackBoard, 04 July 2013
news Spanish Hotel Chain Increases Online Revenue With eRevMax
Publication: Carebian News Digital, 28 June 2013
news German luxury hotel chain selects eRevMax for optimizing online revenue
Publication: Hospitality Biz India, 19 June 2013
news Supranational Hotels Selects eRevMax as Preferred Supplier
Publication: Hospitality Technology, 12 June 2013
news Connects to eRevMax Channel Ecosystem
Publication: Express Hospitality (Hospitality Financial Express), 10 June 2013
news Innkeeper’s Lodge selects RateTiger to optimise price strategy
Publication: Hospitality Upgrade, 30 May 2013
news Cityzenbooking Certified for eRevMax Channel Eco-System for Seamless Connectivity
Publication: HospitalityBiz India, 28 May 2013
news Shaftesbury Hotels Collection optimize sales distribution and reservation processes with RateTiger
Publication: TravelDailyNews, 20 May 2013
news Leonardo Hotels extends contract with RateTiger for future-proof eDistribution and company expansion
Publication: Tnooz, 11 May 2013
news Lifeclass Hotels doubles directs booking with RateTiger
Publication: Wired Hotelier, 10 May 2013
news eRevMax focuses on APAC growth to meet demand acceleration
Publication: Hospitality Upgrade, 25 Apr 2013
news Premier Inn India Increases Online Bookings to over 20% with RateTiger
Publication: eTravelBlackboard Asia, 18 Apr 2013
news GHOTEL hotel & living selects RateTiger for smart online room distribution
Publication: Hospitality Biz India, 12 Apr 2013
news Hotwire completes two-way XML integration with RateTiger
Publication: Wired Hotelier, 28 Mar 2013
news Sarova Hotels Upgrade Centralised Distribution with Rate Tiger enterprise connectivity solution
Publication: Travel Daily News, 12 Mar 2013
news JJW Hotels to increase online bookings with RateTiger’s channel manager
Publication: Wired Hotelier, 07 March 2013
news Revenue Management keeps pushing the needle further ahead
Publication:, 01 March 2013
news Louvre Hotels Group Upgrades Distribution Network Using RateTiger Enterprise Connectivity Solution
Publication: HFTP, 28 February 2013
news eRevMax expands market presence of RateTiger into the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Thailand
Publication: Asia Travel & Hotel Mag, 27 February 2013
news Revenue management turns to ancillary fees
Publication: Hotel Marketing, 22 February 2013
news Hotels are upping B2B cloud and B2C mobile transitions
Publication: Tnooz, 21 February 2013
news Hotel Online Booking in 2013
Publication: Hotel, 12 February 2013
news BW Belgium Achieves 5% Revenue Growth in 2013
Publication: Wired Hotelier, 07 February 2013
news Customer Centric Web – Service Doesn’t Start in the Hotel
Publication: Hotel Executive, 06 February 2013
news Streamlining revenue management
Publication: Express Hospitality, 01 February 2013
news eRevMax Updates SimpleDistribution with Improved Functionality
Publication: Hospitality Upgrade, 30 January 2013
news Automation is on the up and could hold the key to increasing online sales
Publication: Eye for Travel, 14 January 2013
news Are Hoteliers Moving Away from OTAs with Direct Bookings?
Publication: eHotelier, 08 January 2013
news Indian Vacation Ownership Leader increases occupancy with RateTiger
Publication: Travel Daily News, 06 December 2012
news Cost of Distribution: Out of control or a real expense
Publication: Hotel Executive, 01 December 2012
news Channel Management: An Ongoing Challenge for Hotels - Part 2
Publication: eHotelier, 15 November 2012
news eRevMax Launches Channel Eco-System
Publication: Hospitality Technology, 09 November 2012
news eRevMax Unveils RTSuite 3 for the Best in Channel Management
Publication: Hospitality Biz India, 31 October 2012
news Channel Management: an ongoing challenge for hotels - part 2
Publication: Xotels Blog, 31 October 2012
news Hotel channel management technology, what to look for in a solid solution
Publication: Hotel Marketing, 25 October 2012
news Hospitality on a Budget: 2013 Hotel Budget Recommendations.
Publication: 4 Hoteliers, 15 October 2012
news eRevMax International Announces Senior Management Appointments
Publication: Hotel Interactive, 10 October 2012
news eRevMax Restructures Customer Service To Deliver Product Consultancy
Publication: Hotel Tech Resource, 04 October 2012
news New technology solutions for smart growth
Publication: Travel Weekly Web, 29 August 2012