What’s New in Hotel Online Distribution and Tech Trends? W4, November 2023

Here is your weekly industry news round-up. Check out the short snippets here and follow below for more details.

  • IHG Expands in Taif with Two New Hotels in Saudi Arabia
  • MHG Acquires Courtyard Hotel, West Palm Beach
  • Orange Hospitality Unveils Festive Season
  • Taj Earns Double Honors
  • Bay Gardens Resorts’ Black Friday BOGO Plus Sale

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IHG plans two new hotels in Taif as Saudi signing spree continues

IHG Hotels & Resorts has announced the signing of two new properties in Al Shafa, Taif: Holiday Inn & Suites Taif and Staybridge Suites Taif. These hotels, set to open in Q4 2025, mark the debut of these IHG brands in the city.


MHG Hotels acquires Courtyard West Palm Beach Airport.

MHG Hotels announced the recent acquisition of Courtyard West Palm Beach Airport, marking a milestone in the company’s growth. The property offers 103 guestrooms designed to provide guests with a contemporary environment, and its amenities include an outdoor pool & spa, a full-service bistro, and access to the Tri-Rail, Brightline, and West Palm Beach International Airport.


Orange Hospitality introduces the festive season.

As the festive season approaches, Orange Hospitality is prepared to welcome guests to its award-winning restaurants , pledging a memorable and delectable experience for all with its unwavering commitment to culinary excellence, exceptional service, and inviting ambiance.


Double honours for Taj

Indian Hotel Company’s iconic brand ‘Taj’ emerged as a standout winner at the World Hospitality Awards in Paris. Hospitality Awards honours exceptional exemplarity and excellence of hospitality industry in Human Resources, Social Responsibility, Marketing and Communication and Innovation.


Bay Gardens Resorts announces Black Friday BOGO Plus room sale.

A locally owned and award-winning hotel chain in St. Lucia, Bay Gardens Resorts, has recently disclosed an advanced Black Friday “BOGO Plus” room sale along with other community-based experiences. Bay Gardens Resorts has collaborated with local independent restaurants like Bambooze, along with well-known trips, to provide guests a local experience to remember.


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What’s New in Hotel Online Distribution and Tech Trends? W4, November 2022

Here is your weekly industry news round-up. Check out the short snippets here and follow below for more details.

  • Electric Air Travel: A dream to come true
  • S hotels likely to experience a decline in leisure travels
  • 33 hospitality industry stats & trends before we step in 2023
  • Lemon Tree Hotels to open a new hotel in Jamshedpur, India
  • Rethinking Tourism UNWTO calls Education & Investments to be the cornerstone of the industry

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Electric Air Travel might become a reality soon

The wave of electric transportation has been a breakthrough amid rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions. While electric cars have experienced a seamless integration into our present world, electric planes largely remain an uncharted area. However, many global organizations are looking at developing the appropriate technology to move towards electric air travel. Among the transportation sector, air travel services contribute significantly to the emission count. This is wildly inconsistent with the larger global decarbonization target by the United Nations (UN).


U.S hotels to see a softening in leisure travel revenue

At NAREIT REITworld conference in San Francisco, Truist said they found most management teams are resigned to leisure travel softening but are more positive and focused on the continued recovery of the laggard demand segments and markets, specifically higher-rated corporate travel, group/convention, and non-leisure urban markets such as San Francisco.


Must know 33 hospitality industry statistics that you can’t miss

As 2022 comes to a close and we gather with industry experts, peers, and colleagues to prepare for the year ahead, we find ourselves looking upon a terrain that is no longer desolate but thriving. Over the last six months, hospitality has roared back to life. There appears to be an appetite for travel that is more than ready to feast on the experiences offered by leading travel and hospitality brands. The year ahead is promising, and our industry is primed for continued growth and technological innovation. Check out the most important hospitality industry statistics and trends https://www.hospitalitynet.org/opinion/4113646.html

Lemon Tree Hotels signs for a new hotel in Jamshedpur

Lemon Tree Hotels announced its latest signing–Lemon Tree Hotel, Jamshedpur.  This property will feature 42 well-appointed rooms, complemented by a multi-cuisine restaurant, a bar, a meeting room, a fitness center and banquets, and other public areas. The property is expected to be operational by September 2023. It shall be managed by Carnation Hotels Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary and the management arm of Lemon Tree Hotels Limited.


Education & Investments to be the cornerstone of Tourism says UMWTO

UNWTO convened its Executive Council in Marrakesh, Morocco, as the sector’s recovery continues to gather pace. Building on its year-long call for both public and private sector leaders to “rethink tourism”, UNWTO placed innovation, investments and education and youth empowerment at the centre of discussions, while also emphasizing heightened interest for transformation through Climate Action and the sector’s importance for rural development everywhere.


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What’s New in Hotel Distribution and Tech Trends? W1, March 2022

Here is your weekly industry news round-up. Check out the short snippets here and follow below for more details.

Exciting news!! RateTiger is the first Channel Manager to offer Occupancy Based Pricing (OBP) for Hotelbeds. This new pricing model gives hoteliers the power to maximize the room exposure by displaying different occupancy options on Hotelbeds.

The travel industry is undergoing one of its biggest-ever transformations with Blockchain. Since its implementation it is helping increase competitive advantage, improve customer satisfaction and enhance performance.

While leisure demand has been the darling of the hotel recovery, hotel executives believe they’re in the very early stages of a robust comeback for group travel and events.

According to McKinsey’s research, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by 10 years and today’s travel consumers have become more digitally and tech-savvy than ever.

The overdue trend toward open distribution is quickly reimagining what it looks like to sell a hotel room from every angle. It’s happening because new technology infrastructure is opening hotel distribution to a world of possibilities with Metaverse being the next big evolution in technology. Hotel brands will find limitless opportunities to grow their presence, both in the real world and in the metaverse.

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Hotelbeds expands partnership with RateTiger as the company launches new pricing model

Hotelbeds has just unveiled a new occupancy-based pricing model (OBP), giving hoteliers the power to maximise the exposure of their rooms by displaying different occupancy options – another great tool in their armoury as people start to get moving again. The benefits of this pricing model are huge and helps hotels to appear in more search results, increase occupancy of more valuable rooms and boost revenue opportunities.

Read more about managing OBP on Hotelbeds through RateTiger – https://lnkd.in/gVAwWBUy

How blockchain can impact the travel and hospitality industry

Money transactions, digital identification, loyalty programs and business collaborations are areas, where blockchain technology can aid the industry.


Hotel executives foresee group travel boom in 2022

While leisure demand has been the darling of the hotel recovery, hotel executives believe we are in the very early stages of a robust comeback for group and events.


Google – the single biggest opportunity in digital marketing for hotels in 2022

Google now “owns” the travel consumer and has become the “shepherd of the digital customer journey” by positioning itself at and making money from each of the five digital travel phases.


How open distribution helps hotels regain selling power

How new technology infrastructure is opening hotel distribution to a world of possibilities.


Hotel loyalty programs could do well in the metaverse

One future scenario for hotels in the metaverse could be a “play-to-earn” model where whatever customers earn in the metaverse can be translated into physical rewards such as loyalty program points or a booking discount.



Hotel Reopening Trends in a Covid-19 World

As the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ebb, most indicators point to travel coming back — with a vengeance — as people look to reconnect, explore new destinations, or revisit reliable favorites.”

That’s how a McKinsey report describes the present scenario, highlighting the opportunities in the travel and hospitality industry. In fact, did you know that in the US, with two million daily passengers, air travel is already closer to the pre-pandemic level of around 2.5 million?

With countries starting to open up again, the hotel industry is booming and providing guests with new experiences and personalized service. Here are some of the key reopening trends that are reflected today in the hospitality industry –

1.Greater digitalization of the industry

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital reservations have become an even bigger section of the hotel booking volume. It is expected that in the coming future, the entire hotel booking market will be taken over by digitalization. Hotel owners can be expected to improve the digital presence through the following measures:

  • Diversification of online distribution channels
  • Posting content online everyday through a regular digital schedule
  • Using a direct room reservation strategy
  • Having an efficient and aesthetic hotel website with attractive images and offers

2. Wider adoption of hotel technology products

As hotel owners tackle with more competition and changes in guest booking behavior, we are witnessing a wider adoption of hotel technology products.

While hotel channel managers and booking engines were already popular among large and mid-sized hotels and chains, more adoption is expected by small and independent properties as well. Such hotel tech products will enable businesses with more opportunities for online bookings and revenue maximization. It will add to their operational efficiency, saving them cost and providing a competitive edge.

3. Reconsideration of marketing strategies

It is important to focus on driving more guests to the hotel brand website to drive direct bookings. More and more hotels are realizing the importance of generating commission-free bookings and owning the guest relation from start to end. Hence it is critical that hotels –

  • Devise their digital marketing campaigns effectively
  • Give out the right messages to their target audience
  • Establish synergies with other related business vendors for cross-selling Deriving benefits from various tourism-promotion initiatives

4. Innovate boldly

Hotels are expected to go out of the way, to distinguish themselves from the crowd in order to stand out from competitors. Apart from focusing on digital marketing, hotels are looking at innovative technology solutions as well as revenue models to attract different guest segments –

  • Using contactless technology for check-in, check-out, in-room dining and other services.
  • Revenue optimization with day-use booking options.
  • Diversification of array of hotel services for serving more customers and optimization of revenues.
  • Having visitor-first strategies in place.

5. Personalization

In the hospitality industry, personalization has been a much-discussed subject for a long time now. Listening to visitors and accordingly adapting hotel services can be very useful in distinguishing hotel businesses from all competitors out there and building guest loyalty.

It is being expected that hotel owners and managers would go out of their way to personalize services for visitors, in order to provide them with an unmatched and unique experience and ensure a higher level of customer loyalty in the years to come.

6. Staying ready for changes in the hospitality industry

The times are changing and things are evolving very quickly, which means that hotel owners and administrators would be keeping their ears to the ground for new trends and changes in the hospitality industry.

While we aren’t exactly back to normal (and we might never get there), whatever new normal we’re heading towards, there are opportunities in the hospitality industry in heaps for hotel owners and other stakeholders. Understanding the emerging trends and keeping in sync with the changing consumer behavior will ensure that hoteliers stay on top of their business and beat the lingering pandemic blues to achieve the desired scalability.

Industry round-up on Hotel Distribution and Technology News – W4, November 2021

Great news folks! Initial demand building up for Business Travel. Business-Related Hotel Bookings Up More Than 4,000% Since September 2021.

With a multitude of events happening in the middle east, travel continues to boom in the region and hotels need to ensure they have the right channels in their distribution mix. RateTiger continues to expand its partner mix and our recent additions include Rehlat and Clock PMS.

Confidence in travel is returning for 2022 despite parts of mainland Europe currently suffering from a Covid winter wave. More than half (57%) of British adults plans an overseas holiday in the next 12 months. Next interesting news on how the US Hotel Recovery Appears Different Than Past Cycles, U.S. hotel occupancy reached 62.9% in October, which is down 8.8% from October 2019.

Expedia recently shared the key takeaways of Q3 traveler behavior in our latest Travel Recovery Trend Report, as well as the top trends for North American (NORAM) and Asia Pacific (APAC) travelers.

And finally a big interview by New Hotelbeds chief focuses on facilitating the travel recovery.

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Mobile Check-in Apps for Hotels Top 5 Benefits

Business travel on the road to recovery

According to data analytics firm Adara, hotel bookings in the U.S. for business purposes are skyrocketing among travelers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).


RateTiger expands the eRevMax Partner Ecosystem with Rehlat and Clock PMS

With the travel industry moving towards a steady recovery, the initial demand build-up is coming from domestic tourism. Are you connected to the right channels and keeping them automatically updated with rates and availability on a regular basis? Choose from our wide network of partners and expand your hotel’s online visibility. Our featured partners for this week are Rehlat & Clock PMS+ – PMS – connect to them today – https://www.erevmax.com/blog/index.php/2021/11/ratetiger-expands-the-erevmax-partner-ecosystem-with-rehlat-and-clock-pms/

How the US hotel recovery appears different than past cycles

The recovery of U.S. hotel industry average daily rate is keeping pace with the recovery of demand, which has not been the case after past downturns.


UK: Foreign travel confidence returning for 2022

More than half of British adults plans an overseas holiday in the next 12 months – a 46% rise on this time last year.


Expedia: Key trends for Latin American travelers in Q3

The eagerness to travel far indicates that the confidence of Latin American travel shoppers climbed with the continued easing of border restrictions.


Hotelbeds focuses on facilitating the travel recovery

The company wants to be the natural supply partner of choice for emerging disruptive models exploiting technologies like AI.


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Latest News on Travel Technology, Tourism and Hotel Distribution – W3, September 2021

Legacy Hotels & Resorts shares a strong recommendation for RateTiger Hotel Channel Manager, including a video testimonial – check it out in the first news piece below.

What a difference a year can make, people are booking their Christmas vacations earlier this year – US experiences spike for Christmas travel. Is your hotel website optimized to attract guests? Read some of the best practices for hotel website content.

With travel reopening in most countries, various MICE activities have restarted – reports suggest large number of events booked for later this year and into 2022, which is an encouraging sign for travel industry. Further, MMGY Global announces the launch of the MMGY Global Travel Marketing Collective, which will focus on delivering expertise for destination and hospitality brands to reach international travelers. Read on!

Legacy Hotels & Resorts experience 15% increase in online sales with RateTiger

Ten properties of the group have been using RateTiger and find it to be the perfect 2-way connectivity solution between their property management system and online sales channels to increase online visibility and revenue.

Check out this video from Eloise Hyland, Revenue and Distribution Manager at Legacy Hotels and Resorts – https://youtu.be/ocH0fcHTRCQ

US: Christmas travel seeing ‘huge spike.’

People are booking Christmas vacations earlier than ever before, with Internet search queries for December travel five times higher this August than last.


Best practices for hotel website content

With the pandemic underscoring the importance of an attractive, engaging hotel website, it’s a good time to remind yourself of some of the basics.


Planning ahead: A return to meetings & business travel

One of the positive things that has come out of the pandemic is some business travelers have extended their stays because of their ability to now work remotely.


MMGY Global announces Travel Marketing Collective

Global partnership across 34 countries delivers a new focus for destination and hospitality brands to reach international travelers.


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Industry round-up on Hotel Distribution and Technology News – W1, August 2021

Bhagini Icon premier Hotel India shares a strong recommendation for RateTiger Hotel Channel Manager, including a video testimonial – check it out in the first news piece below. Further on, we see strong recovery and gains by Booking.com as travel demand boosts in US and Europe, similar US trend data by STR. Shiji launched a Hotel Tech Distribution chart simplifying the landscape to showcase how hotels and guests interact with various technology at different levels of the booking process.  And finally a story showcasing how guest are coming back to hotels after a year of high demand for BnBs and alternative accommodation options.

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Indian Business Hotel recommends RateTiger for channel management

Bhagini Icon Premier, an upscale property in India has strongly recommended RateTiger for its hotel channel management capabilities and integrated connectivity platform. With RateTiger Channel Manager the hotel is saving their time daily through automated updates. Check out this video where Ramamurthy, Operations Manager at Bhagini Icon Premier hotel elaborates about his usage of RateTiger and why he strongly recommends it – https://lnkd.in/gCjeb-BK

Booking Holdings revenue triples on travel demand boost from U.S., Europe

Pandemic fears are driving people away from crowded hotels to alternative accommodations, with nearly one-fourth of the listings on Booking.com were for such accommodations at the end of the quarter.


STR: U.S. room rates reach all-time high

Historically, the middle weeks of July are the country’s highest occupancy weeks each year, and 2021 has been no different even as demand slows week to week.


Hospitality Technology Distribution Chart 2021

The Hotel Technology Distribution Chart serves as a tool to help visualize the current hotel and hospitality technology landscape, how the various providers fit in, and their relationships with the hotel, the guest, and each other. RateTiger, a pioneer in Hotel Price Intelligence and Hotel Channel Management space, has been featured in this chart given the impact it makes in the industry through innovation, helping hotels maximize revenue on a daily basis. See the best providers in Hotel Tech Distribution space through this chart.


More travelers are looking at hotels again

After a year when consumers shifted to alternative properties like Airbnb and Vrbo homes, there is now evidence that they are returning to some of their old ways, according to the latest Trivago data.



Reach out to RateTiger for your hotel channel manager, rate shopper, booking engine, website development or revenue management consultancy requirements. We are happy to have a discussion to see how we can help you achieve your property’s occupancy and revenue goals – contact us today https://goo.gl/3gKUJZ







Announcing our Preferred Connectivity Partner status with Expedia Group

RateTiger’s high-quality connection delivers business growth for hotels

RateTiger – eRevMax has been recognized as a 2021 Expedia Group Preferred Connectivity Partner. This recognition as a Preferred Connectivity Partner underscores RateTiger’s focus on building and maintaining a high-quality connection that empowers hotels to grow their businesses on the Expedia Group marketplace.

Preferred Connectivity Partners are high-value connectivity providers recognized for their advanced systems with a wide range of products and an excellent connection to Expedia Group. This designation is a result of RateTiger’s commitment to:

  • Enabling a wide range of tools and capabilities in the Expedia Group marketplace
  • Providing a quality Expedia Group connection with a reliable user experience
  • Ensuring a streamlined Expedia Group onboarding experience and high-quality support for properties
  • Maintaining a strong portfolio of high-performing properties on Expedia Group marketplace

We’re proud to provide a high-quality connection to our customers and empower them to perform their best on the Expedia Group marketplace.

eRevMax’s Channel Ecosystem (CES) offers two-way XML connections with leading global and regional sales channels for seamless connectivity. Reach out to us for your connectivity needs to make the most of your online revenue- https://goo.gl/3gKUJZ


eRevMax expands Partner Ecosystem with Tour10, Hotel Intelligence and Simplotel

With various companies opening their borders for vaccinated travellers, summer travel is expected to be strong and booking trends and hotel sentiment already reflect a sense of optimism. It is important for hotels to make sure they refresh their hotel description and listing travel sites and make their property visible on relevant OTAs and sell on channels that are bringing future bookings into their cities. eRevMax, the leader in hotel distribution technology, continues to partner with travel channels, booking engine providers and other tech companies to provide hotels with maximum connectivity options to choose from. RateTiger currently offers a network of over 450 deeply integrated global, regional, and local channels. Contact us to discuss how you can expand your distribution connectivity today.


Headquartered in Spain, Tour 10 is an online wholesale travel agency with presence in 160 countries. The company works with over 180,000 properties worldwide to create magnificent vacation packages for its guests while taking care of all covid protocols. If you are looking to attract leisure travellers, you may want to consider adding Tour10 to your distribution mix. Contact us to know more.

Hotel Intelligence

France based booking engine provider, Hotel Intelligence is a newly integrated RateTiger partner and provides AI based solutions for hotels. The company helps increase hotel direct bookings by up to 10% through its simple and intuitive platform, that is flexible and reliable. Contact us today to know more about Hotel Intelligence.


India based Simplotel is currently powering over 2000 hotels worldwide with their booking engine and website solution. It helps hotels drive their direct business with OTA like features to increase website revenue. If you are looking to try a new booking engine or get a new website, contact us to know more about Simplotel.

Are you looking to manage any new tech partner or channel from your RateTiger platform? CONTACT US TODAY – https://www.erevmax.com/erevmax-contact.html


The Week, That Was – June 2021 Week 1

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on

eRevMax releases Q2 Hotel Sentiment results for European accommodation providers

Europe shows positive Hotel Sentiment for Q2 – Q3 2021. Our latest survey report reflects a sense of optimism for the first time since Covid19. The survey conducted for hoteliers in April – May 2021 reports high expectations in terms of occupancy and business growth. To know more about the trends, access the full report here: https://rb.gy/e6rvnq

Leisure travel likely to hit pre-COVID levels by next year

Leisure is probably going to hit 100% of pre-COVID levels by some point next year, and United Airlines is saying that they’re already seeing leisure fares match the prices people paid in pre-COVID times.


Airbnb’s future is about ‘living,’ not just travel

Working from home trend is reshaping Airbnb’s business, as it spurred flexibility in terms of where and how people live or how long they stay in one place.


The Importance of a Property Management System (PMS) in the Hotel Industry

With travel recovery steadily picking up pace, hotels are seeing encouraging signs with reservations starting to trickle in. Expanding hotel occupancy and online revenue will be one of the key focus for rest of the year and there will be an increased focus on inter-connectivity of systems and getting the distribution basics right. Does your Property Management System integrate to various other technology solutions you use today? Are you getting third party reservations delivered directly into your hotel system? Do you have a bird’s eye view of your inventory status at all times? Find out the key to a good Hotel PMS. Read more – https://lnkd.in/gq73Rs5

Google Hotels adds vacation rentals

Google is adding vacation rental listings to its Google Hotel platform, with both vacation rental and hotel options set to appear alongside each other in search results for a given destination.


Expedia launches huge deals promo

From June 8 to 12, travelers will be able to save up to 60% on hotels and activities for travel until the end of January 2022.


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