The Week, That Was – April 2021 Week 1

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

Expedia launches virtual agent for advisors and travelers

Travel advisors who are members of the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) now have access to new virtual agent technology within the TAAP platform. Virtual agent can cancel bookings or check the status of a client’s refunds.

Europe’s hotels see values fall but longer-term outlook strong

All hotel have been affected but mainly upscale and luxury properties with more exposure to group and convention demand as well as international visitors.

Chinese travelers: Back on the road?

The Chinese luxury consumer’s enthusiasm for global travel stuttered to a halt during the pandemic. Signs are it could pick up again soon, starting with the Asia-Pacific region.

STR: February US hotel performance shows promising signs

Occupancy reached 45.3%, its highest level since October 2020, and that’s not the only good news on the horizon.

BCD Travel introduces new hotel rate benchmark capabilities

The new solution will provide BCD Travel’s clients increasingly accurate standard market rate benchmarks.

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The Week, That Was – March 2021 Week 3

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

The tallest hotel in the world leverages RateTiger for online revenue growth

One of the finest hospitality addresses in Dubai, Gevora Hotel, has recommended RateTiger for efficient online distribution and channel management. The four-star luxury property has been using the RateTiger product suite, including RTConnect for 2-way ARI and reservation transfers between OTAs and hotel PMS, GDS distribution and Review Management, all powered by the LiveOS platform.

Google makes hotel listings free – are you ready to grab the opportunity?

The recent news of Google making Hotel Listings free has created a lot of stir in the travel segment. Is your hotel taking advantage of this opportunity? If you are looking for a #distribution partner to help you update ARI across your connected online sales channels, have a look at RateTiger today. Through seamless integration with hundreds of OTAs and metasearch channels including Google Hotel Ads, RateTiger is your go-to channel manager. Read more about Google’s free listing and contact us on to find out how we can help your property attract more guests –

Return to business travel quicker in Asia Pacific than worldwide

A study by business news channel CNBC found the Asia-Pacific region is the only among those surveyed where a majority of corporate chief financial officers expect a rebound to pre-pandemic levels of business travel within three years.

Travel Leaders: One-third of clients have booked their next trip

Beyond the third that have already booked their next vacation, 24 percent are currently planning their next vacation.

How OTAs add value to independent hotels

More than 95% of small and medium accommodations in Europe have expanded their global customer base through OTAs, a new research suggests.

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Google makes hotel listings free – are you ready to grab the opportunity?

Hotels can now display rate and availability without taking part in Google PPC

For long, Google has remained the Elephant in the Room for the hotel industry. In the last five years, the search -engine giant has consolidated its place as the leader in the meta search, now accounting for over 57% all metasearch bookings.

It is the first place to go for many people when they start their search. Google has now made it free for hotel owners and travel agencies to list their properties on Google Search.

When a potential booker selects a hotel from the search option, in the booking module, the overview section is now showing four paid listings under the Featured options and two organic search results. Clicking on the Prices Tab, the user would be able to see all four paid listings along with all search results.

This section is now showing booking links from unpaid listings as shown in the organic search by hotels and travel companies.

This is a major opportunity for hotels. Hotel booking links have always been offered via Google Hotel Ads, which acts like a metasearch channel displaying real-time pricing and availability for hotels for specific dates of travel. With this new development, this barrier is removed and gives hotels a chance to display their direct rates and booking links without worrying about metasearch budget.

This opportunity is available for all the hotels through their Hotel Center account. Hotels which are already taking part in Google’s Hotel Prices API and Hotel Ads do not need to take any action and will be shown in All Options based on the organic search ranking.

The ranking of the organic search results will be based on an algorithm that looks at non-commercial factors, and pricing accuracy will be ensured through new tools and processes as well as using reliable data sources.

Google has a list of integrated partners including RateTiger through which hotels can feed data sources for booking links. If you are interested in displaying your rates on Google Hotel Ads, contact us today on

5 tips to optimize your hotel’s profile on – Part 3

Through this series, we are highlighting some of the deals and promotions that you can leverage to attract more business to your property through

In the third part of this series, let’s look at Flexi Rate and how and when to activate it.

Be more flexible with your rate policy

Thanks to the uncertain times we are living in, traveler behaviour has gone for a radical shift in the past one year. With flights being rebooked and travel plans being bumped, many guests are now wary of sudden change in plans.

According to a survey done in April 2020 by, 73% of customers cited free cancellation as their main reason for booking a property. A fully flexible rate plan allows hotels to offer potential bookers more freedom in case their travel plans or general circumstances change.

However, because of its flexible nature, this rate plan is also the most expensive one making it the most profitable for hotels.

Flexible – 1 day policy

Due to the ongoing pandemic, most hotels across the world have taken a flexible approach to their pricing policy. has recently created the Flexible – 1 day policy which allows hotels to quickly extend all your free cancellation periods to one day before check-in. This basically means a guest can cancel for free until 24 hours before the check-in. After that point, they will be charged the cost of the first night if they decide to cancel.

Benefits of the Flexible – 1 day policy

  • Drive more bookings by potential guests looking for flexibility.
  • Improve visibility in search ranking.
  • Decide which rates you want to convert to ‘Flexible – 1 Day’ policy and have full control on all rates.

Adding Flexible Rate Plans

Hotels can create and manage the Flexible Rate Plan either from their RateTiger Channel Manager platform or from the extranet. For any queries or to see how to set up this Rate, contact us today –



5 tips to optimize your hotel’s profile on

We are glad to bring you a short series of posts, where we will cover 5 specific tips on how you can optimize your hotel’s profile on and attract more reservations.

Through our 5-tips series, we will share 1 recommendation on each post and explain how you can utilize it to your hotel’s advantage. Starting with the first of this series, lets talk about the Genius Program.

Join’s Genius Program

Genius is an exclusive loyalty program which brings partner hotels and frequent bookers closer.

According to data, on average, hotels taking part in the Genius program have experienced increase in their bookings by 18% and revenue by 17% – even including the cost of discount.

Hotels taking part in the Genius program gets a special Genius tag, ranking boost and better visibility in search results on which helps in getting more bookings faster.

The property is displayed to a select group of customers who travel more often, book further in advance, and spend more when booking.

Hotels can always check their eligibility on the extranet:

If the eligibility criteria are met, they can sign up to Genius via the “Opportunities” tab in their Extranet.

The participating partners automatically enable the mandatory 10% Genius discount on their least expensive or most popular room and start attracting high-value Genius guests.

To know more about the perks of becoming a Genius Hotel Partner, click here.

If you are looking for assistance with managing your online channels, contact us today.

The Week, That Was – March 2021 Week 1

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

Travel Tech Announces First 2021 Virtual Conference for USA & Canada, from March 8-12, 2021 

Join us to explore new business frontiers and discover innovative technologies. Hear from experts on how they are adapting to the new normal and generating revenue opportunities for their business. 

The event will provide North American hotels with technology-based educational resources & actionable strategic updates, designed to support their financial recovery. 

Register Now for all five days of the TravelTech USA & Canada conference - 

 Business travel in the age of Covid-19 

 Business travelers rely more on their corporate travel booking partner to ensure travel accommodations are safe, and making last-minute changes as government policies shift. 

 Italy has a new way to combat overtourism 

 Before travel opens up again, Florence wants to make sure things will not return to the way they were before. One way to make sure of that? Diverting visitors away from Florence itself. 

 TripAdvisor’s new subscription model wins fans on Wall Street 

 With TripAdvisor Plus, the fees that hotels normally pay the company will instead go to the consumer. 

 When can we go on vacation again? This is what experts say 

 While travel experts are optimistic that things will slowly begin to open up again this year, how quickly that happens will depend on where you are, where you want to travel to. 

The changing face of travel payments 

Travel players are putting together preliminary itineraries for consumers looking to book trips but holding off on taking payments. 

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Hoteliers to stay cautious as per eRevMax’s Hotel Sentiment Outlook 2021

eRevMax has published an in-depth Hotel Sentiment Outlook for 2021 based on hotel survey conducted in December. The report highlights varying levels of business confidence among hoteliers with Middle East showing strong travel rebound while most Western markets are far from normalcy.

The travel sector is unpredictable and with the spread of the new Covid 19 strain, the situation continues to look grim. The survey shows that hotels are cautious and looking for ways to generate new business.

As far as expectations regarding the time required for the market to recover and reach pre-Covid levels, the industry is largely divided. Around 40% of participating hoteliers felt that the travel industry will take up to 2 to 3 years to reach pre-Covid levels of business. While short term recovery has been witnessed in some regions, by and large, hoteliers feel that recovery will take longer, possibly by 2024. Almost 75% respondents believe that there will be a spike in domestic tourism while all other segments of tourism – MICE, corporate and foreign travel will continue to underperform over the next few months.

The survey findings show that hotels are prioritizing online sales to drive demand with channel management and booking engine solutions, even as there is a definite shift to automated touchless solutions.

To know more such key insights, please download the full report –

The Week, That Was – January 2021 Week 1

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

Hoteliers expect group business to return in late 2021

Group business was nearly nonexistent in 2020, but hoteliers are preparing for its likely return in the latter part of 2021 and continued growth in 2022.

The future of business travel

There is hope across society that what returns after the pandemic is a better version of what came before. Whether it’s cleaner planes, easier transfers, greater connectivity, or environmental friendliness, there is just the same hope for the future of business travel.

Will a vaccine bring back leisure travel?

More than 20% of people said they would start planning a trip in January, and 45% saying they would be planning in the first quarter of 2021.

Travel trends 2021: Many are seeking more international and luxury destinations.

With 2020 vacation budgets mostly untouched, some people now have extra money to spend.

TUI optimistic for 2021, expects “a largely normal summer.

Travel group TUI is hopeful about the summer season of 2021, as most European countries have started rolling out vaccines against the coronavirus.

Why it’s still the Roaring ‘20s for hotel revenue management

Today’s economic environment requires revenue managers to become broader leaders by demonstrating that revenue optimization is so much more than forecasting.

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HRS, Winsar Group and Digibreaks join the eRevMax Partner Ecosystem

With new travel regulations being put in place across geographies due to the new Covid-19 strain, the hospitality industry is facing yet another period of uncertainty. As hoteliers, it is important to continue focusing on building a strong network of channel partners to get a share of the trickling demand wherever possible. As a distribution connectivity leader, we continue to promote OTAs and source channels that can bring new reservation for hotels. RateTiger offers a network of over 450 deeply integrated global, regional and local channels. Contact us today to expand your distribution connectivity today.


Our long-standing partner HRS is a market leader and considered one of the top three hotel portals in Europe. With over 300,000 properties across 190 countries, HRS offers a huge range of hotels worldwide for both leisure and business travellers, allowing guests to book their preferred hotel room and category quickly and easily. Add them to your distribution network to expand your online visibility and market share.

Winsar Group

If you are looking to switch your PMS, Winsar Group can be your next technology partner. It provides on-cloud property management system for hotels and resorts globally with an install base of 1500 hotels across 30 countries. Their main product WINHMS PMS is designed to handle high volumes of transactions with ease. The deep integration with RateTiger allows for seamless ARI and reservation flow, making it a smooth transition for your property. To request a demo, contact us today.


With the focus on domestic tourism, it is time for hotels to connect to relevant local and regional that can bring more business. Our Ireland based partner Digibreaks, is the ideal choice if you are looking to promote staycations and weekend packages. With over 1300 properties from Ireland, Sweden and Norway listed, Digibreaks processes around 15000+ bookings every month and delivered over €60m in revenue to partner hotels last year. Connect and manage Digibreaks through RateTiger today.

Are you looking to manage any new tech partner or channel from your RateTiger platform? CONTACT US TODAY –




The Week, That Was – Nov 2020 Week 4

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

The Hotel of Tomorrow Project: Five big ideas and the trends that drove them

A group of 325 hotel industry executives have been meeting since June to brainstorm hotel innovations. The global think tank called The Hotel of Tomorrow Project released its findings culled from 79 suggested ideas from 16 teams globally that were then shopped to 1000 industry executives for their input.

The decline in Chinese tourists has hit the luxury sector

Large groups of Chinese visitors have become a pillar of the global tourism industry. Coronavirus has not only put paid to this enormous source of income for major cities and sights around the world, it is having a massive knock-on effect for the luxury goods business.

Hotel profitability up in most regions

Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East all reported increasingly positive GOPPAR during the month of August, according to the latest HotStats data.

How travel booking behavior has changed

While consumer behavior is influenced by regional responses to the virus, there are some distinct trends that have emerged throughout the course of this year. Flexible policies are in higher demand

Half of travelers would book a trip if it allowed for free cancellation. One-third said they would book if they could reschedule for free.

UK: Travel companies flogging super cheap holidays for 2021

Desperate tour operators in the UK have slashed prices for next year not only to allow travelers to book ahead or to change their current bookings but also to recoup lost earnings for this year.

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