ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 to move to UAE and Oman

The recent announcement of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 to move to UAE and Oman has brought a lot of cheer to both nations. With Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman hosting the matches, cricket fans from around the world are expected to make a beeline to watch the tournament.

UAE is preparing to ride high on the arrival of international tourists and the T20 World Cup provides the perfect opportunity to showcase its high safety standards and being a perfect venue for an international sporting event. The ICC T20 World Cup 2021 is likely to start on October 17 in UAE, with the final slated to be played on November 14. The event will be a catalyst for tourism growth in the region with other nearby countries expected to benefit as well. This will add further strength to the national economy and the imminent boost to tourism will have a positive impact on other sectors too.

It is a great opportunity for hotels to strategize and attract guests to their property.  Take the questions below to check your preparedness –

  • Is your hotel ready to attract bookings from Cricket fans worldwide?
  • Is your property visible on the right channels with the best rates and room packages?
  • Have you updated future availability across all distribution channels so that potential guests can make reservations now for Oct – Nov 2021 and beyond?
  • Do you have a reliable rate shopping tool that can provide you with competitor rates to understand your market position?
  • Do you have a stable connectivity partner that can make ARI and reservation updates from your PMS to OTAs and back in real-time, multiple times a day?

If your answer is NO to any of these questions, you need to step up and TAKE ACTION NOW!

It is important for hotels to continue focusing on building a strong network of channel partners to get a share of the incoming demand. A healthy distribution mix and robust technology set-up is key for your hotel. RATETIGER offers award-winning rate shopping and connectivity solutions with a network of over 450 deeply integrated global, regional and local channels including Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, Seera, GHA, HalalBooking, Rehlat, Google, Aribnb, TripAdvisor, HRS, and hotelbeds among various others.

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Some of our leading products that hoteliers love are:

RateTiger CRS / Channel Manager – Centrally manage ARI & reservations from one platform in real-time. With pooled inventory, there is no overbooking or missed reservations.

RateTiger Shopper – Know your competitors’ rate strategy across channels – access rate reports and modify room prices based on your available inventory and market conditions.

RateTiger Booking Engine – Increase your hotel’s direct sales from your brand website – integrate an intuitive booking engine to your hotel brand.com to convert lookers into bookers.

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eRevMax expands Partner Ecosystem with Discovery Loyalty, GuestPlus PMS and World2Meet (W2M)

With future booking numbers picking up across key destinations globally, domestic travel continues to aid travel recovery. The increasing number of technology requirements that assists hotels to manage their business efficiently can be mind-boggling. It is important that hotels choose their tech partners judiciously so that they are cost and time effective while leading to revenue generation.

eRevMax continues to expand its partner based to offer hoteliers with integrated solutions so they can manage multiple facets of hospitality operations seamlessly, directly from a single platform. Here we bring some of our newest technology partners – feel free to contact us to connect with any of them.

Discovery Loyalty

With more focus on domestic tourism and growing importance of loyalty programs, you may want to have a partner that can help you create and manage Loyalty Programs for your hotel. Our newest partner – Discovery Loyalty, provides 16 million members exclusive opportunities to immerse themselves in local culture wherever they travel. With over 570 hotels in 85 countries, the award-winning DISCOVERY programme generates approximately $2 billion in revenue and over 8 million room nights annually. Get your property listed with Discovery Loyalty and boost your hotel occupancy today.

GuestPlus PMS

A popular technology provider in the UAE, Armada GuestPlus PMS, is a fully configurable, PCI compliant Property Management System that can enable any sized hotel, holiday home, inns and resorts to manage their bookings and operations efficiently and profitably. GuestPlus PMS helps its hotel partners to boost revenue by up to 150%. Known for its user-friendly interface, Armada GuestPlus PMS might just be the right partner for your property. What’s more – you can continue to manage your OTAs seamlessly through RateTiger even with this new PMS. Contact us if you want to schedule a demo with the PMS.

World2Meet (W2M)

If you are looking to connect to a Spanish tour operator, look no further. World2Meet (W2M) – our new demand partner is connected to over 6000 travel agencies in Spain and Portugal and works closely with bed banks, OTAs and wholesalers. With direct contracts with more than 30,000 properties, this could just be the right partner for your hotel. Contact us today to know more about this channel.

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Google makes hotel listings free – are you ready to grab the opportunity?

Hotels can now display rate and availability without taking part in Google PPC

For long, Google has remained the Elephant in the Room for the hotel industry. In the last five years, the search -engine giant has consolidated its place as the leader in the meta search, now accounting for over 57% all metasearch bookings.

It is the first place to go for many people when they start their search. Google has now made it free for hotel owners and travel agencies to list their properties on Google Search.

When a potential booker selects a hotel from the search option, in the booking module, the overview section is now showing four paid listings under the Featured options and two organic search results. Clicking on the Prices Tab, the user would be able to see all four paid listings along with all search results.

This section is now showing booking links from unpaid listings as shown in the organic search by hotels and travel companies.

This is a major opportunity for hotels. Hotel booking links have always been offered via Google Hotel Ads, which acts like a metasearch channel displaying real-time pricing and availability for hotels for specific dates of travel. With this new development, this barrier is removed and gives hotels a chance to display their direct rates and booking links without worrying about metasearch budget.

This opportunity is available for all the hotels through their Hotel Center account. Hotels which are already taking part in Google’s Hotel Prices API and Hotel Ads do not need to take any action and will be shown in All Options based on the organic search ranking.

The ranking of the organic search results will be based on an algorithm that looks at non-commercial factors, and pricing accuracy will be ensured through new tools and processes as well as using reliable data sources.

Google has a list of integrated partners including RateTiger through which hotels can feed data sources for booking links. If you are interested in displaying your rates on Google Hotel Ads, contact us today on marketing@erevmax.com

The Week, That Was – March 2021 Week 1

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

Travel Tech Announces First 2021 Virtual Conference for USA & Canada, from March 8-12, 2021 

Join us to explore new business frontiers and discover innovative technologies. Hear from experts on how they are adapting to the new normal and generating revenue opportunities for their business. 

The event will provide North American hotels with technology-based educational resources & actionable strategic updates, designed to support their financial recovery. 

Register Now for all five days of the TravelTech USA & Canada conference - https://event.webinarjam.com/register/1/x463mfm 

 Business travel in the age of Covid-19 

 Business travelers rely more on their corporate travel booking partner to ensure travel accommodations are safe, and making last-minute changes as government policies shift. 


 Italy has a new way to combat overtourism 

 Before travel opens up again, Florence wants to make sure things will not return to the way they were before. One way to make sure of that? Diverting visitors away from Florence itself. 


 TripAdvisor’s new subscription model wins fans on Wall Street 

 With TripAdvisor Plus, the fees that hotels normally pay the company will instead go to the consumer. 


 When can we go on vacation again? This is what experts say 

 While travel experts are optimistic that things will slowly begin to open up again this year, how quickly that happens will depend on where you are, where you want to travel to. 


The changing face of travel payments 

Travel players are putting together preliminary itineraries for consumers looking to book trips but holding off on taking payments. 


 Reach out to us for your connectivity needs to make the most of your online revenue- https://goo.gl/3gKUJZ

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Capture the fastest-growing segment of bookers with Booking.com’s Mobile Rates

In these uncertain times, travellers are looking for extra flexibility. As hoteliers, you need to cater to the ever-changing guest expectation to drive demand to your property.

eRevMax offer seamless connectivity to multiple channel partners to expand your online brand visibility. With the growth in domestic tourism, Booking.com is expecting almost 74% of bookings to come from a mobile phone. Adding a mobile rate to your property will increase your visibility with these customers and unlock your market potential with last-minute mobile bookings. You can update Mobile Rates on Booking.com directly from RateTiger.

The use of mobile in emerging markets has changed how travel is searched and booked and by managing mobile rates, you too can improve reservations coming from mobile bookers.

Did you know?

  • 80% of travellers use a mobile app when researching a trip*
  • 50% of accommodation searches and bookings are made on mobile*
  • Mobile rates give partners 28% more bookings from mobile traffic*
  • 2-in-3 mobile bookings are made by Millennials or younger customers. Everyone might search from mobile but Millennials book.

What is Mobile Rate?

A Mobile Rate is a special discounted rate that’s only visible when someone uses Booking.com’s app or accesses Booking.com’s website using a mobile browser. You can use Mobile Rates to increase your bookings from mobile devices by up to 28%. Mobile Rates are active throughout the year.

How does your business benefit from Booking.com’s mobile rate?

Attract more bookings

Offering mobile rate drives more potential guests to your property page.

Mobile rates on average give partners 26% more bookings from mobile customers.

Mobile rates on average give partners 3% higher click-through rate from search results to the hotel page.

Stand out in searches

Once you activate the feature, a special badge will appear next to your property in search results and on your property page and during the booking process.

Position your property to digital natives who share experiences via social media.

Target mobile users with a special discount to encourage them to book your property immediately while they are on mobile.

Better price, better reviews, better ranking

Two-thirds of mobile bookings are made by millennials – who write more reviews than any other traveller segment. Attracting these bookers can positively impact your overall ranking on Booking.com.

Millennial smartphone ownership is rising: >94% in advanced economies, and >62% in emerging economies*. Attract this customer base with a special discount.

Avoid attention shifts to a competitor when they change device and start a new search process.

How Mobile Rates work?

  • Mobile rates are only visible to guests on mobile devices (on both the Booking.com app and mobile browsers).
  • A minimum 10% discount is recommended.
  • Mobile rates apply to all your rooms and rate plans. The discount combines with discounts for the Genius programme, as well as any other promotions you have set up. However, it does not add on to Country rate or Limited-time Deal.
  • You can set up 30 blackout days per calendar year.

The majority of reservations on Booking.com’s platform is made using mobile devices, so offering a Mobile Rate helps you tap into this large group of potential guests. Mobile Rates can also help you target millennials. The property can activate, edit and deactivate the mobile rates any times.

Creating Mobile Rates via RateTiger

If you do not already have a Mobile Rate set up for Booking.com, you can easily create one using through RateTiger.

  • Log in to your RateTiger platform – https://live.ratetiger.com/#/login
  • In the main dashboard, you will see the Promotions tile. Click on Create Promotion to go to the Promotions page.
  • On this page, select Mobile Promo and then select the channel – Booking-XML
  • Input the discount / promo and click on Create. The Mobile Rate gets created for Booking.com.

You can always update the settings of your Mobile Rates or deactivate them so that potential guests no longer see them.

Lastly there are a host of additional solutions through which your property can benefit and attract more bookings. You can get full details of the Booking.com Recovery Toolkit on the partner page.

RateTiger, powered by LiveOS, provides rate shopping, channel management, booking engine and online distribution solutions to hotels worldwide. It offers 99.9% system uptime and is security certified under ISO, PCI and GDPR compliant. eRevMax continues to expand its partner base through new integrations to offer hoteliers seamless connections across different systems including PMSs, CRSs, OTAs, Metasearch channels, GDS, Wholesalers and offline tour operators among others.

Subscribe to RateTiger today and start using this feature. Reach out to us for your connectivity needs to make the most of your online revenue- https://goo.gl/3gKUJZ



Hoteliers to stay cautious as per eRevMax’s Hotel Sentiment Outlook 2021

eRevMax has published an in-depth Hotel Sentiment Outlook for 2021 based on hotel survey conducted in December. The report highlights varying levels of business confidence among hoteliers with Middle East showing strong travel rebound while most Western markets are far from normalcy.

The travel sector is unpredictable and with the spread of the new Covid 19 strain, the situation continues to look grim. The survey shows that hotels are cautious and looking for ways to generate new business.

As far as expectations regarding the time required for the market to recover and reach pre-Covid levels, the industry is largely divided. Around 40% of participating hoteliers felt that the travel industry will take up to 2 to 3 years to reach pre-Covid levels of business. While short term recovery has been witnessed in some regions, by and large, hoteliers feel that recovery will take longer, possibly by 2024. Almost 75% respondents believe that there will be a spike in domestic tourism while all other segments of tourism – MICE, corporate and foreign travel will continue to underperform over the next few months.

The survey findings show that hotels are prioritizing online sales to drive demand with channel management and booking engine solutions, even as there is a definite shift to automated touchless solutions.

To know more such key insights, please download the full report – https://www.erevmax.com/ratetiger-news/ratetiger-news-archive/jan2021-erevmax-hotel-survey-highlights-varying-levels-business-confidence.html

The Week, That Was – January 2021 Week 3

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

eRevMax announces strategic alliance with Kenyan hotel technology provider RevSol

We are happy to announce our partnership with RevSol – who will be the official provider of RateTiger in the region. We look forward to helping African hotels increase efficiency, lower costs & improve performance through RateTiger Channel Manager and Rate Shopper among other solutions. Read more about our partnership – https://www.erevmax.com/ratetiger-news/ratetiger-news-archive/jan2021-erevmax-strategic-alliance-kenyan-hotel-technology-provider-revso.html

BCD survey reveals optimism about return of business travel

Most business travelers expect to get back on the road by mid-2021, according to BCD Travel. More than 60% of business travelers surveyed expected to be traveling regularly by mid-2021. By the end of the year, that figure could be above 90%.


Global View: Hospitality, travel cautiously optimistic for 2021

Market watchers optimistic about a midyear economic turnaround. While the mood is largely optimistic, some industry leaders are cautious, agreeing that 2021 will likely be a “transition year” for the hospitality industry.


Make 2021 count with RateTiger

In terms of technology tools, preferences vary across region. As hoteliers are you rebuilding your hospitality strategies? Take benefit of our New Year bundle product offer – this could be the vaccine your hotel needs to drive new demand! Contact RateTiger today to find out how the right technology can help you achieve your revenue goals for 2021 – https://www.erevmax.com/blog/index.php/2021/01/make-2021-count-with-ratetiger/

Europeans increasingly eager to travel during Spring 2021

Spring 2021 is now firmly in the sights of travelers, according to the European Travel Commission. Despite continuing lockdowns, Europeans are progressively interested in trips during the second quarter of 2021 as COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out.


UK hotel sector outperforms Europe through lockdown

UK regional hotels are recording some of the highest occupancy rates in Europe owing to domestic long-stay visitors during the pandemic.


Reach out to us for your connectivity needs to make the most of your online revenue- https://goo.gl/3gKUJZ

Thanks and have a good day!

The Week, That Was – January 2021 Week 2

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

eRevMax Survey Report – Hotel Sentiment Outlook 2021

Based on hotel surveys conducted in December, #eRevMax publishes the Hotel Sentiment Outlook for 2021. The report highlights varying levels of business confidence among hoteliers with Middle East showing strong travel rebound while most Western markets are far from normalcy. With the spread of the new #Covid19 strain and fresh lockdowns in certain parts of the world, the travel sector continues to remain unpredictable. The survey indicates the depth of the impact of Covid-19 as hoteliers look for sustainable solutions to stay resilient.

To download the full report, click here –  https://www.erevmax.com/ratetiger-news/ratetiger-news-archive/jan2021-erevmax-hotel-survey-highlights-varying-levels-business-confidence.html

Is vaccine tourism possible?

Vaccines are already changing the sentiment around travel, but there’s one more thing that’s become part of the discussion: vaccine tourism.


Kayak: Where Americans want to travel in 2021

Vaccine news restores travelers’ confidence. Recent data from Kayak show that flight searches out of U.S. airports are up for several domestic and international destinations in the new year.


Regenerative Travel: Are we heading for a better ‘normal’?

Travel companies have a real opportunity to create a new blueprint, one that nurtures people and planet, rather than consumes resources.


What does the future of hospitality hold?

While the consensus revolves around the need for the industry to evolve in order to better adapt to the current environment, some suggested that hotel rooms, as we know them today, “will become a thing of the past”.


Tripadvisor launches new social distancing platform

Crowdfree will track when businesses and public places have peak and low crowd times to help travelers effectively social distance.


Reach out to us for your connectivity needs to make the most of your online revenue- https://goo.gl/3gKUJZ

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The Week, That Was – January 2021 Week 1

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

Hoteliers expect group business to return in late 2021

Group business was nearly nonexistent in 2020, but hoteliers are preparing for its likely return in the latter part of 2021 and continued growth in 2022.


The future of business travel

There is hope across society that what returns after the pandemic is a better version of what came before. Whether it’s cleaner planes, easier transfers, greater connectivity, or environmental friendliness, there is just the same hope for the future of business travel.


Will a vaccine bring back leisure travel?

More than 20% of people said they would start planning a trip in January, and 45% saying they would be planning in the first quarter of 2021.


Travel trends 2021: Many are seeking more international and luxury destinations.

With 2020 vacation budgets mostly untouched, some people now have extra money to spend.


TUI optimistic for 2021, expects “a largely normal summer.

Travel group TUI is hopeful about the summer season of 2021, as most European countries have started rolling out vaccines against the coronavirus.


Why it’s still the Roaring ‘20s for hotel revenue management

Today’s economic environment requires revenue managers to become broader leaders by demonstrating that revenue optimization is so much more than forecasting.


Reach out to us for your connectivity needs to make the most of your online revenue- https://goo.gl/3gKUJZ

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The Week, That Was – Dec 2020 Week 3

In five minutes or less, keep track of the most important news of the week, curated just for you. We present to you hand – picked news on latest industry perspectives and some general updates. Read on!!

eRevMax publishes Traveller Sentiment Survey

Hotel distribution technology leader, eRevMax, conducted a social media survey to gauge traveller sentiment and understand the key trends and considerations influencing travel decisions.

To read the full report, click here – https://www.erevmax.com/ratetiger-news/ratetiger-news-archive/dec2020-erevmax-publishes-traveller-sentiment-survey.html

European destinations set to dominate in 2021

eRevMax channel partner eDreams ODIGEO says European destinations will dominate the most booked charts in 2021, according to its latest data.


Understanding the modern hotel guest

The new guest experience doesn’t hinge entirely on health and safety features.


Hoteliers, industry experts predict 2021 trends

From loyalty programs to tech to business travel, hotel industry experts discuss which trends and strategies will be more crucial than ever in the new year.


Airbnb – The profound power of a truly customer-centric brand

Airbnb doesn’t just exist within its industry, it defines the industry. How it got there, and what it does to keep that position provides a window into what today’s and tomorrow’s consumers expect from brands.


Travel experts share their pandemic learnings

Booking.com ask industry partners to share their experiences of a year like no other – and offer up their hopes for 2021.


Reach out to us for your connectivity needs to make the most of your online revenue- https://goo.gl/3gKUJZ

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