Celebrating Poila Baisakh in eRevMax

The Bengali New Year, popularly known as ‘Poila Baisakh’ is marked with joy and enthusiasm – it is a harvest festivity that marks the beginning of the crop cycle in Bengal and is considered an auspicious day in mid-April.

eRevMaxians celebrated this festival with full fervor – both at home and at work. Member turned up in their traditional best – the women looked gorgeous in colorful sarees while the men looked dapper in traditional kurta-pyjama sets. The entire office was decorated with flowers which created the perfect ambience for the festivities. Here are some sneak peek from the celebrations.

There were fun activities like memory game, ramp show, Bengali speech competition to complement the celebrations, coupled with delicious lunch which added to the merriment!

Kudos to the HR & Admin teams for organizing such a fun-filled day where everything was so well organized! Overall, a fun day with colleagues that helped create a lot of new memories ?

Mahalaya Festivities at the Tigers’ Den

Leaders lead by example – whether its work or fun! That’s our motto as we celebrate festivals with equal fervor as that of a new product or feature release.

Last month we celebrated the auspicious festival of Navratra to welcome Goddess Durga to her abode on Earth. And what better way than to decorate the office with innovative themed ‘mini-pandals’ created by multiple departments in the hope that the Goddess might just grace them with her presence virtually, and of course, the hope to win the Best Departmental Decoration prize!

Various judging criteria were put in place with points being meted out for eco-friendliness, minimum work space occupied, minimum investment of productive office time (so work doesn’t get hampered) and innovation (to promote one of our core values).  And guess who took the trophies home!

Winner Account Management Team, their décor theme “Worshipping the Goddess in various forms including natural elements – Plants, Fruits & Animals”

First Runners Up RTS Monitoring and Verification Team, their décor theme being – “10 Weapons of Ma Durga indicating top 10 channels and partners, her 4 children depicting eRevMax teams in accordance with their work flow.”

Second Runners UpLiveOS and Design Team, their theme being – “Four forms of Durga representing our products, compliments from clients, fighting with competitors and wealth.” The team got special mention for “Least investment of time” in preparing their bay décor.

While the office looked nice and colorful, the members too turned up in their ethnic best. Ladies draped in beautiful sarees, dazzled the floor, while men looked dapper in traditional kurta-pyjama sets.

There were fun games and activities like Conch Shell blowing, Dhunuchi Naach and Dhaak beating competitions to complement the celebrations, coupled with delicious lunch which added to the merriment!

Kudos to the HR & Admin teams for organizing such a fun-filled day where everything was so well organized! Overall, a fun day with colleagues that helped create a lot of new memories ?

May the Goddess keep her blessings on eRevMax always and may we shine as bright as ever!

Mahalaya 2017 Celebration @eRevMax

Mahalaya heralds the beginning of the Durga Puja celebrations.

We celebrated Mahalaya in Kolkata office on 19th September with a lot of pomp and splendor.  Ladies draped in sarees dazzled the floor, while men looked dapper in traditional kurta and pyjamas. There were a lot of competitions organized to make it a fun filled day. There was departmental decoration which led to all the teams decorating their respective bay areas as per the theme. The teams were at their creative best coming up with unique themes making the bays light up with various colors. The judging criterion was based on eco-friendliness, minimum work space occupied and minimum investment of productive office time. 


The judges had a tough time choosing the winners. Giving a tough competition to everyone, the RTS Verification & Monitoring team emerged as winners and their bay décor theme being “The Journey of eRevMax to ‘The Gold standard of Connectivity’ with Maa Durga’s Blessing”.   The 2ndprize was awarded to the HR & Adminteam with the theme “World Peace”,  while the 3rd prize was jointly given to Tech Support & Customer Support for their unique themes – “Preservation of Heritage Kolkata” and “Flavours of India” respectively.


There were a lot of other activities including Conch-shell blowing competition, Dhunuchi-nritya, mostly traditionally dressed members etc. Overall, a joyous day spent with lot of fun and laughter – thanks to eRevMax!
May this Durga Puja be as bright as ever. May Maa Durga bring all the joy and happiness today and always. Happy Pujas!


Mahalaya Celebration 2010


The Kolkata team at eRevMax welcomed Goddess Durga on 7th October through a small evening celebration. We all turned up in our full festive fashions and decorated the office in an attempt to win some coveted prizes.

The festivities started with a cultural song followed by participation from all members for the various competitions which included traditional dance (Dhunuchi Naach), Uludhwani contest, slogan writing and memory games.

The Departmental Decoration trophy attracted a lot of interest and the teams started preparations well in advance in order to conceptualize different themes for decoration. Using an innovative theme and brilliant decoration, the Customer Support team emerged Winners closely followed by RTConnect team who finished second while the Finance team won a special third prize for their tribal Durga decoration.




Sandeep Jha and Anita Guha won Best Dressed Male and Best Dressed Female prizes respectively for their traditional and ethnic attire.

I will cherish this Mahalaya celebration for a long time to come as this was the first time I saw a corporate house allowing employees to celebrate a festival whole-heartedly.  It felt as if we all came out of the box and enjoyed the evening to its fullness. We will keep these wonderful moments with us now and forever with the hope ‘Aaschhe bocchor abar hobe’.



Mohua Dey has recently joined eRevMax and is a Sr. Content Executive. She is based out of Kolkata and can be reached at