Industry round-up on Hotel Distribution and Technology News – W1, October 2021

With hotels wanting to attract more direct bookings, a lot of them want to invest in Google Ads. But do you know how much it costs for hotel owners? While Google ads do provide immense opportunities for business owners, especially in the hospitality sector, there’s also a big room to commit mistakes and waste away the ad budget. Get some insights about this in the first article piece below.

A new STR report shows the improved profitability reported by hotel industries in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Moscow and Paris. posted a recent study on US-based bookers that shows how travellers plan for and experience the first day of a trip. TripAdvisor has revealed an enhancement to its Plus subscription service enabling hotels to offer retail instead of discount rates for the first time.

And finally a piece on keyword research for hotels to drive their SEO strategy.  Understanding the competition for a certain keyword will also help you make a decision on whether you have a chance to rank.

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How Much Google Ads Cost for Hotel Owners?

Did you know for every $1 a business spends on Google Ads, they get an $8 profit through Google Search and Ads? There’s a reason why so many big brands spend millions on Google paid ad campaigns.

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Europe: Improved profitability, but well below pre-pandemic levels

August was the first month of the pandemic-era in which all five of these key European markets posted positive levels of GOPPAR.

The perfect guest arrival experience

Travel is more than just arriving at a destination. A recent study with a selection of US-based bookers discovers how travelers plan for and experience the first day of a trip. The study included domestic and international travellers made up of couples, groups and families with children to learn about how they plan and experience a trip.

TripAdvisor on getting Plus right for both travelers and hotels

TripAdvisor Plus subscribers will be offered rewards they can access at check-in, instead of accessing instant savings at the time of booking.

Travelboom: Keyword research for hotels

SEO plays more of a role now than ever. It enables you to strengthen your online presence, drive traffic to your website, and enhance your hotel’s bookings. Ranking for the right keywords can greatly impact a hotel’s success, but choosing the right keywords to target can be tricky.

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