Latest News from Hospitality Industry – W4, December – 2021

Here is this week’s industry round-up on top news and trends.

Airbnb has proposed and committed to support authorities as they enforce new responsible and harmonized EU rules that get tough on property speculators, while making it easier for everyday Europeans to welcome guests into their homes. has published a new report on travel predictions 2022. 60% of travelers are looking forward to meeting new people while on vacation.

RateTiger achieved Hotel Tech Report’s Level I Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC) for its investment in customer success and following a unique approach.

Google is now officially allowing hotels to use Google Posts, but only in a limited manner. Hotels can use Google Posts to give customers notifications about the hotel, but not for offers or promotional purposes.

USA hotel industry – Strong Boost in Leisure Demand Anticipated Between Christmas and New Year’s

And finally, a piece highlighting year of hotel tech – simpler and less costly tech solutions provided ways to cope with the pandemic and the staffing shortage.

Enjoy the read!

Airbnb proposes new harmonized EU rules

The proposal would unlock the benefits of hosting for millions of EU citizens and help address challenges associated with over-tourism.’s travel predictions 2022

2022 will be the year to make the most of unpredictability and start making up for lost vacation time, with the number of travelers who feel they need to do so having increased by 52% since last year.

RateTiger – eRevMax Achieves Level I Global Support Certification

RateTiger is glad to receive Hotel Tech Report’s Global Customer Support Certification, which has become an industry benchmark. Hotel Tech Report co-founder Adam Hollander commented ”RateTiger’s approach to customer support and success is extremely unique in that rather than a shotgun broad approach they have taken a much more targeted and segmented one. The support tools, team and processes are exceptional and any hotelier that chooses to partner with them can rest assured that they will be in good hands.” Read details of the certification –

Google Post now open to hotels

Google is now officially allowing hotels to use Google Posts to give customers notifications about the hotel, but not for offers or promotional purposes.

US holiday optimism remains, despite Omicron uncertainty

US hoteliers say demand, particularly domestic leisure travel for the week between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, has remained resilient, even surpassing 2019 levels in some measures.

The year in hotel tech

Younger and smaller teams of executives at the major hotel brands showed a heightened sense of urgency, increasingly recognizing the need for flexible, outsourced solutions.

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