Latest news from the hospitality industry – W3, January 2022

In the news round-up today, a new tutorial on the Google Ads YouTube channel goes over easy, step-by-step instructions for setting up free hotel booking links.

Pent-up demand, a growth in disposable income, and the widespread availability of vaccines are fueling a demand for upscale, independent travel to Europe in 2022, according to Eurobound.

Sarova Hotels, UK recommend hotels to use RateTiger as a channel manager. The main reason for them is the time efficiency that RateTiger generates, which is second to none.

According to Expedia Group’s 2022 Travel Value Index, which surveyed 5,500 adults across eight countries in collaboration with Wakefield Research, more than half of respondents (54%) say they plan to spend more on trips than they did prior to the pandemic.

This week’s findings from ongoing research on American travel sentiment continues to illustrate the dichotomy in the American psyche of the seriousness of the pandemic situation and their love for travel.

And finally a piece on sustainability travel, sustainability has been a focal point of hospitality industry companies. People desire reconnection and travel and doing so in a more sustainable way.

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Google tutorial on getting free hotel booking links

Introduced in March 2021, free booking links provide free traffic directly to your website and can be used in conjunction with Google Hotel Ads to maximize exposure.

Europe: Travelers spending more, upgrading accommodations

Eurobound reports an increase in average itinerary prices driven largely by traveler demand for more exclusive accommodations.

Luxury British Chain Sarova Hotels recommend RateTiger for increasing online sales

Luxury British Chain Sarova Hotels has recommended RateTiger as its connectivity partner of choice for helping increase online sales and revenue by using hotel channel management and Connect solutions. The group has been using RateTiger since 2012 for optimizing revenue strategy and online distribution.

Check out this video from Jon Siberry, Group Revenue Manager, Sarova Hotels Ltd where he shares his experience with the RateTiger product and support –

Travelers willing to pay more

According to Expedia Group’s 2022 Travel Value Index more than half of respondents say they plan to spend more on trips than they did prior to the pandemic.

 What resources are American travelers turning to for travel inspiration?

Search engines, email, Facebook, Youtube and blogs top the channels travelers are most receptive to learning about new travel destinations to visit.

How hotels are innovating for the eco-friendly traveler

Access to digital keys, EV chargers, sustainable dining and on-site recycling programs are a few ways the industry is redefining sustainable travel.

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