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You wake up in a luxury bedroom. You get up from your bed and remove the curtains of your room and there is the line of mountains before you, half-covered in snow, the others in green. The doorbell rings and there is someone outside waiting with freshly brewed coffee.

The last time travellers felt that kind of peace was almost two years ago when they could actually travel freely without any restrictions or even without the minimum fear of health. The pandemic in 2020 had a massive impact on the hotel industry that has brought everlasting changes. However, times are changing and travel is evolving into something new and better than before.


Let’s find out how travellers are planning their trips this year and preparing for rebound:

Travel Therapy – Recovery

Travel is no more just going out for fun; rather it has become a way to escape from the reality of the pandemic. When the pandemic arrived, everyone feared the unknown. As travellers learned more about the outcry, they grew cautious following the appropriate protocols in places. Researchers have found that people are growing tired of being cautious and 2022 is the year that the travel industry will see upward trend from travellers across the globe. With travellers taking more time to de-stress and recharge after great travel pause, wellness tourism is going to see a major uptick in the post pandemic era in 2022. GWI forecasts a 20.9% average annual growth rate for wellness tourism in 2020 -2025. So, prepare for some travel therapy demands which will help travellers to rejuvenate themselves from such a phase.

Flight Costs Are Set to Fly

Along with the hotel sector, the aviation industry has also been hit by the pandemic, massively. With demands rising in 2022 for travel, airline ticket prices might stay buoyant to encourage more travellers and generate much-needed income. In recent times, we have witnessed a spike in the fuel prices – air carriers might need to raise their fares accordingly but that will not let travel falter. With small as well as large-cap businesses trying to regain their positions in the market, business travel may boost the premium economy. After being able to save all that money in the pandemic by being locked at home, travellers may also want to spend big on their much-awaited trips this year.

Young and Exotic – Luxury Travel Redefined

With the restrictions being slowly removed, travellers are planning to go big and plan on their bucket list vacations. Travel is no more about just going to the beach or just going to the hill stations to enjoy the weather. What modern-day travellers are looking for is an adventure, something out of the ordinary life. Young travellers are rooting on exotic places, as per study popular destination includes Thailand, Ireland, Egypt, South Africa, Maldives, London, Paris, and more! Places which can give more than just popular buildings in a city to visit has been added to many travellers’ wish list.

Last-Minute Bookings

What’s more thrilling and compelling than a trip that’s planned last minute? And that’s exactly the kind of thrill young travellers are excited about. In recent times, booking windows has witnessed a shrink and saw a trend of flexible booking with last-minute planning. The uncertainty of different Covid-19 variants has left travellers hesitant when planning or booking a trip. Travellers are mostly drawn towards last-minute bookings as changing restrictions are released with dynamic situations as per the travel guidelines. After days of not being able to meet their loved ones or engaging in their travel bucket-list, travellers are planning on last-minute trip bookings as per the availability of their travel partners. The impact resonates with the custom itinerary plans and choice of hotel availability.

Workcations – Beyond Business

When preventive guidelines for Covid-19 to resume travel were released, the travellers who were exhausted working from home and needed some kind of refreshment chose to merge work with travel which would allow them to work from remote destinations. With the increase in hybrid and flexible work models, 40% of Gen-Z employees plan to take a “workcation” in 2022. Work from home could sound exciting but it comes with its own disadvantages. Travellers hence chose the best way that would eliminate distractions. Working at one’s favourite travel destination gives one mental as well as emotional satisfaction. Where else could you get the best office-window view?


Trip stacking is the practice of booking multiple trips over the same period of time. Travellers are booking numerous trips to different travel destinations to avoid getting stuck with one cancelled vacation due to new pandemic restrictions. With modern travellers seeking more flexibility in their trip plans, trip stacking is the best way that ensures their adaptability through unsure times. With trip stacking, travellers have options from where they get to choose a trip according to their comfort level. Having a plan C along with a plan A and plan B for trips really took off during the summer of 2021 and it is only going to emerge in 2022 and beyond.

Decoding Travel Trends & more!

Uncertainty is still not in the rear-view mirror of travels in 2022. However, unlike in 2020 when people were afraid of the unknown, in 2022, people will be travelling more freely and frequently. Technology has taken a big leap in recent times helping not only in work but also travellers to find the trip that best suits them making contactless transactions and online bookings a trend that is here to stay.

Lastly, hotel business will be able to recover from the pandemic with these travel trends, which will eventually boost and build confidence in terms of generating hotel bookings. Thus, buckle up, as travellers are in the mood to make their travel choices and seeking for an exotic experience be it from locations or hotel guest experience. 2022 will witness an upshift in the hotel & travel industry.

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