Latest News and Top Tech Trends from Hospitality Industry – W3, April 2022

Here is your weekly industry news round-up. Check out the short snippets here and follow below for more details.

Travel to Europe this summer will soar 600% over last summer, according to travel insurance vendor Allianz Partners.

India’s launched a Meta Search tool which will enhance booking convenience and save costs for business travelers.

TripActions data shows the first quarter of 2022 saw the kind of hyper-growth more familiar to pre-pandemic days.

More than two-thirds of STR-defined U.S. hotel markets (113 of 165) outperformed their 2019 comparables over the four weeks ending 9 April 2022, which is reflective of the industry’s rebound toward normalcy as well as some influence from inflation.

And finally, see how hotel marketers are using entity search for SEO.

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Americans’ travel to Europe expected to increase sixfold this summer

European destinations have made a significant effort to welcome Americans back, and data shows tremendous pent-up demand for travel to the continent. launches meta search tool for corporate travel

India’s leading corporate travel services provider announced the launch of a meta search tool on their corporate travel booking platform.

March blew the doors off of business travel

With Omicron cases decreasing and travel restrictions dropping, spending for U.S. business travel has seen a huge growth in the past two months, according to the latest TripActions data.

Largest U.S. hotel markets showed considerable RevPAR gains

Reflective of the industry’s rebound toward normalcy, more than two-thirds of STR-defined U.S. hotel markets outperformed their 2019 comparables over the four weeks ending April 9, 2022.

How hotel marketers use entity search for SEO

A step further beyond keyword optimization, entity search focuses more on the context around search terms.

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