Latest News from Hospitality Industry – W2, April 2022

Here is your weekly industry news round-up. Check out the short snippets here and follow below for more details.

  • TripActions has seen travel spend increase a whopping 220% from January through March 2022, jumping 1650% YoY in March 2022.
  • Online Travel Agents (OTAs) are seeing a sharp rise in traffic and engagement. From the trough in April 2020 of 30.6 mil. visits, OTAs have seen a 327% increase in traffic to 130.7 million.
  • Travelers are more interested in self-contained forms of accommodation. In STR’s latest survey shows Growing Interest in Short-Term Rentals during the pandemic.
  • Meta search becomes important, particularly for independent hoteliers. In 2022, the number of travelers using a meta search system is significantly higher compared to earlier study.
  • With excitement building around travel again, people are turning to Twitter to engage with their communities as they look for travel inspiration and advice. In fact, there’s been a rise of responses in the timeline about recommendations, destinations, and how to have the best experience.

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March blew the doors off of business travel

With Omicron cases decreasing and travel restrictions dropping, spending for U.S. business travel has seen a huge growth in the past two months, according to the latest TripActions data.

OTAs seeing sharp rise in traffic and engagement

According to Similarweb’s 2022 Travel Industry Insights Report, since January, traffic to top domains in the car rental, hotel and vacation rental sectors has been at or above levels seen in those months during 2019.

Accommodation preferences shift from pre-pandemic norms

STR’s latest travel and accommodation research show that travelers’ perceptions of accommodation are shifting in terms of their interest in different types of accommodation product.

Travelboom: Why Meta matters for direct hotel bookings

Paid search delivers phenomenal results but still lacks the ability to dynamically display an actual nightly rate. This is where meta search becomes so important, particularly for independent hoteliers.

The power of mobile in driving direct traffic conversions for hotels

Mobile is no longer a second thought as it dominates online traffic to hotel websites.

Travel is trending on Twitter again

Underlining the rising interest in travel, Twitter has provided some new insights into how users are tweeting about holidays and travel topics, and what brands need to know about the latest trends.





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