ReservHOTEL International joins forces with RateTiger

RateTiger – a market leader in online distribution management tools for the hospitality industry – has combined forces with ReservHOTEL, a leading international hotel marketing and service company.

ReservHOTEL will use RateTiger’s “RTConnect” product, an XML based system that acts as an interface between multiple reservation systems and over 300 IDS channels worldwide.

RTConnect allows reservation systems to consolidate updating of rates and inventory on different IDS channels. Hotelier’s can now centrally manage rates and inventory directly from the reservation system, thus eliminating the need to update and monitor several systems separately.

Another key module of RTConnect allows retrieving of booking information from connected extranets. These bookings are automatically processed through ReservHotel and can be sent directly to the hotels PMS or CRS, thus saving hoteliers the time consuming effort of having to manually enter reservations that arrive via email or fax.

“Working with RateTiger means our 1800 + customers can now benefit from their pioneering technology though our web based system” said Luis Barberi ReservHOTEL’s President and CEO. “This will help our hoteliers take a more pragmatic approach to managing their inventory across a broader range of distribution channels. Hotels can now expand their breadth of distribution and subscribe to additional channels to maximize their online presence and revenue”.

RateTiger products allow hotels to join a larger number of travel booking sites including even small regional and city sites. “RateTiger has been extremely flexible meeting the needs of ReservHOTEL, which supports growth in these challenging times” said Barberi. “We are pleased to offer this functionality to our customers and look forward to developing further ground breaking technologies together with RateTiger .”

“Optimizing online reservations to meet revenue targets has become an increasingly important factor for hoteliers and will continue to grow in significance as more people choose to go to websites to purchase their goods and services,” added Sascha Hausmann, COO at RateTiger . “In order to achieve revenue and occupancy targets, hoteliers should be regularly monitoring and replenishing their inventory across all their distribution channels. RTConnect will allow ReservHOTEL customers to carry out this task quickly and efficiently and with absolute precision. It is a tool that will greatly simplify their inventory management.”

ReservHOTEL is also promoting RateTiger ’s RTShopper product to their customers as the hotel benchmarking tool of choice and is working closely with RateTiger to develop a more integrated solution.

This news follows RateTiger ’s further announced strategic partnerships this year with Utell, EZRMS and Pulse Technologies.

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