The Week, That Was – March 2020 Week 2

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Digital marketing in the age of coronavirus – what travel brands need to know

As markets around the world reel from the turmoil of the COVID-19 coronavirus, companies of all sizes are feeling the effects – perhaps none more so than those in and adjacent to the travel industry. The crisis is forcing companies to reevaluate many aspects of their financial plans for the foreseeable future and – particularly for those operating in the B2C space – to reassess their digital marketing strategies such as paid search.

How Airbnb, hotels are responding to the coronavirus outbreak

Marriott International, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Hotels by Hilton, and more are waiving cancellation fees for hotel stays through March 31 booked by guests traveling to or from countries such as China, South Korea, and Italy.

New GBTA Research Shows Coronavirus Continues to Impact the Business Travel Industry

Around the globe, more companies are canceling or suspending business travel due to the coronavirus. Business travel to Asia has been impacted the hardest, with at least three of every four companies reporting they have canceled or suspended “all” or “most” business trips to China (95%), Hong Kong (87%), Taiwan (79%) and other Asia-Pacific countries (e.g., Japan, South Korea and Malaysia; 77%).

Mauritius based luxury eco-lodge recommends RateTiger for hotel channel management

The flagship address of Mauritian green tourism, Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge, has recommended eRevMax solutions for connectivity and online distribution. The hotel is using RateTiger Channel Manager and Price Shopper and deriving immense benefits in terms of effective pricing data and expanding online visibility through efficient channel management.

What to do when crisis comes to your city

It’s hard to measure the total impact of the virus on the economy. Globally, the impact could reach $1.1 trillion by one estimate. In the EU, the government estimates that the virus is costing the EU’s travel industry an estimated Euro 1 billion per month. In China, the epicenter of the outbreak, growth will likely fall below 5% this year — the weakest growth rate in over 30 years. Other APAC economies are already experiencing cancelled events and fewer arrivals from both Chinese and international travelers.

Italy’s hotels eye eventual rebound from coronavirus

Coronavirus is having a dramatic effect on the Italian hotel industry, as government containment efforts have essentially shut down the entire country, with all public gatherings banned and most employees working from home.

Airbnb tweaks refund policy

Airbnb is making adjustments to its refund policy in an attempt to balance the needs of hosts and guests on its home-sharing site amid the global coronavirus outbreak that has severely reduced travel demand.

5 Hotel Email Personalization Best Practices [Infographic]

Personalizing your emails is not only a powerful way to increase the effectiveness of your emails, it’s also an expectation of today’s travelers.

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